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25 Mar 2020

Working from home: going above and beyond!

Now’s the time to recognise all employees… those who are going above and beyond the expectations of the work environment, and recreating their workplace in their own home. It’s so important to realise and acknowledge the struggles your staff may have when working from home. Not only are they working their normal hours, but they are also fighting their own battles. With their children, the world around them and with themselves: mentally.

How can you ensure you are working from home productively?

Manage expectations 

  1. With Yourself: Days can run away with themselves when you are working from home as well as looking after kids. Instead of developing a list of goals daily, it is a better idea to set a list of weekly goals. This way you will prevent yourself from becoming overly stressed with expectations and targets, and you will also ensure you are working both productively and effectively.
  2. With your colleagues: You will need to ensure that your colleagues are aware that whilst you are working from home, you are at a reduced capacity.  Don’t worry though; many of your colleagues will be in the same position! Why not change up your work hours? This will enable you to remain responsive and productive, but when it is best for you.
  3. With your kids: During this crazy time, you are working above and beyond for your employer, so in theory, your kids should for you too! Depending on their age, it’s important to let them know that this time is perfect for them to work on their independence. To ensure you are working from home productively, you will need to guarantee that they know when it is okay for them to interrupt you, and when it’s not okay! Why not offer them treats and incentives?

Share your schedule with your partner

Working from home while simultaneously caring for kids can be incredibly stressful and draining, which is why it’s important to make time for your own self-care.   Your partner may have varied work hours in comparison to you, and if so, it would be beneficial to utilize them. Share your schedule with your partner! Timing and scheduling are key if working from home and protecting your mental health is to be effective. When taking time in the day to play with your children, you should be physically and emotionally present in doing so. Try not to think about work (when you can, separate your work and home life).  Create a fair and realistic routine. Stick to it when possible.

Let kids be kids

Gather a whole range of toys; rotate them to keep them new and interesting. Remember 10 to 20 minutes of independent playtime gives you more time to get things done! Working from home will also allow you to show your children that work is healthy and good for them! Watching you as an example, will aid their overall development and could potentially shape their future attitude towards work!

How can you recognise your staff for going above and beyond?

Working from home is stressful and has many limitations, so it’s important to ensure you are rewarding and recognising your staff for everything they are doing; a simple thank you will suffice! If they receive good feedback from clients or customers, you should voice that to the whole team. Working from home doesn’t put a stop to appraisals! Ensure everyone is recognised openly and purposefully! You can do this with us: Each Person…

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