Thank You Ecards

An ‘in the moment’ and authentic way to appreciate your people.
The secret to creating an incredible company culture using employee recognition can start with a simple ‘Thank you’.

Don’t assume your people know they’re doing a good job. Research has repeatedly shown that simple expressions of appreciation have an extraordinary effect on the morale, productivity and loyalty of employees. As well as building your employees self-esteem through positive reinforcement. 

The most popular feature of the Each Person platform is our Ecards.

Live Your Company Values

Ecards are a creative way to let your employees know that you recognise their efforts. They are also one of Each Person’s most popular and regularly used features as employees can send them to each other as well. We enable digital Ecards to be sent ‘in the moment’ to your employee’s inbox to say thank you for your hard work.

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Add Something Special

Managers can attach Epoints as a reward to add something extra.
Employees can spend their Epoints in the Each Person shop, the Each Person shop has over half a million products from top online retailers as well as instant gift cards.
With frequent price checks, the products they choose are always competitively priced, so they save money whilst also bagging themselves a reward with their Epoints. Each Person even offers a 10% reward increase. When employers set a reward budget, Each Person will increase it by 10% at no extra cost.
Epoints are a great way to take a simple thank you to the next level!

Branded to You

Ecards are not just fun but highly customisable and versatile. With Each Person, you can choose from our range of animated designs or create your own! You can create your Ecards to fit your company branding and reflect specific company values, objectives, or mission. We make the scheme administration easy by allowing simple self-management of Ecards and control over how many Epoints teams allocate. You can even give Epoints budgets to managers to share with their teams.

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Designed For Success

Recognition schemes can fail due to low levels of adoption. Our solution is to focus on reporting help shine a light on areas of the business that aren’t consistently adopting a culture of recognition. With our real-time dashboard, you can see Ecards sent, reasons, Epoints awarded and much more, plus advanced reporting (as standard) are examples of how we help you strive to improve usage and engagement across the business.

50% of Employees Say a Simple Thank you Would Make Them Feel More Valued.

In a recent employee survey carried out among almost 700 employees of a major UK employer, almost 50% of employees stated that a simple thank you would make them feel more valued in the workplace.With Each Person, sending an ecard and saying thank you for your hard work has never been easier. Make someone’s day in a few simple clicks. With peer-to-peer recognition, we offer the option to copy in a line manager to ensure every employee is fully recognised for their hard work.


Live Your Company Values.
Celebrate a Milestone.
Say Thank You For Your Hard Work.

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