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HR Dashboard

Real-time HR Dashboard
Not all rewards and recognition providers make reporting easy. This lack of reporting is partly due to the challenges of getting regular engagement across your workforce. At Each Person, we believe it’s our responsibility to give you total visibility of how the program has landed within your business.

Our HR dashboard allows you to see in real-time how teams across your business are recognising and rewarding each other. Every interaction is tracked and shared back to you in your own HR dashboard highlighting where improvements need to be made in either the education or communication of your scheme.

You can easily export this reporting data from your HR dashboard and analyse recognition in more depth than ever before. If you choose to link your reporting on absenteeism to recognition levels you will see a positive correlation between the two.

Real Time Reporting in the Platform

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Why Is It Important
to Offer Reporting?

Visual and customised reporting allows you and each Manager to easily access relevant information.

Through Each Person, you can report on:
• Why recognition is happening
• Number of peer to peer ecards sent
• Number of manager to peer ecards sent
• Nomination activity
• Winners
• Long service and Birthdays
• Team awards
• Budgets spent
• Log ins to Epoints

We offer this level of in-depth reporting because it’s needed if you’re going to deliver a scheme that works but also that we are confident in the engagement levels seen across Each Person. We help teams make the most fitting judgments around reward budgets and recognition that will positively influence their performance and the team’s morale.

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Control of
Sensitive Information

Each Person is totally configurable, so you can decide who sees what. Managers will only be able to see reporting on their team level and below, avoiding the challenges associated with sharing engagement information. At the top-level, you get complete and detailed data on engagement across the entire company broken down by department.

Build a
Culture of Recognition

Managers can access the HR dashboard anytime, anywhere and see what engagement initiatives are working for their team. You will see at a top-level the breakdown of which Managers are recognising their teams, who they are recognising and the reasons for doing so. These reports act as a full audit trail of your recognition and reward scheme. You can use this data to help simplify the process many companies go through to provide tax information to HMRC through their PSA agreement.

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Training on Reporting

Each Person offers training through online webinars, face to face demo sessions and training documents. This training can help you get the most out of the reporting modules we have already on the platform but also represents an opportunity to request any additional data and insight.

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