Employee Of The Month Made Simple…

Showcase team and individual success through our streamlined and fully featured ‘nominations’ capability. 

Everything we’ve developed directly results from seeing how admin-heavy and slow company schemes can be. They involve a long list of gathering nominations, selecting winners, announcing winners and awarding prizes. 

In some companies we spoke to, the above steps were a significant part of someone's role to administer. We’ve taken the critical parts of any nomination process and made it easy to administer within seconds, savings hours of admin time.

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Tailored Nominations

Our clients use schemes like ‘employee of the month’ and ‘star of the week’ to boost morale, engagement, strengthen work relationships and create a support network to build a stronger working community. 

Each Person allows you to customise the nomination programmes you choose to roll out in your organisation so you can appreciate employees authentically within your organisation.

Why Nominate?

Leading brands in multiple sectors are embracing Each Person and a new approach to employee recognition.

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Employee of the Month

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Quarterly awards

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Star of the Week

Sharing The Feel-Good Factor

When an employee is nominated for an award like ’employee of the month’ they are notified of the good news. They can also copy in a manager or team member to share motivation and encourage more nominations throughout the wider team.

Each Person allows managers to export and analyse nomination data straight from the system in just a few clicks. By seeing data so transparently, it highlights departments that are positively celebrating their team members’ success and those that aren’t. For those that aren’t, we provide support and collateral for managers and team members to ensure every level uses your tailor scheme.

Our goal is to see your nominations scheme used throughout your company, from entry-level roles to CEO.

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