Sustainability in the Workplace

Doing more for you, your people, and your planet.

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Small Actions Can Make A Big Difference How Does It Work?

Each Person is the leading platform that enables employees to plant a tree and help save the planet creating a sustainable workplace.

Companies can create a sustainable workplace in just a few clicks, Epoints can be donated to Eco-projects to tackle climate change head-on. Pick how many trees you want to plant and we’ll update the website. Choose the number of trees you would like to plant, & complete your payment! 

Save While
You Save The Planet.

In addition to you receiving Epoints cashback every time you shop so you get more and pay less, we’re giving you the opportunity to give some of your extra Epoints back to the environment and help fund Eco-projects.
We’ve made it a simple few clicks for you to donate your extra savings to help save the planet. In 2020 we partnered with Carbon Footprint to give Each Person members the opportunity to give something and create a sustainable workplace.

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Why Climate Change?

Few can deny that one of the greatest challenges faced by our world today is climate change and we believe that everyone can play a part in addressing its effects. Small actions can make a big difference and what we do today can determine the future for the next generation. 
To reflect our own commitment to this vital initiative, we’re also donating 5% of our profits to the scheme.
Eco-points: a simple and powerful way for our members to make a difference in the fight for a cleaner, greener and lower carbon future.

I Have Donated, What Is Next?

We will keep updating this page on a regular basis on the number of trees donated. You can also share this with your family & friends so they know you have helped fight climate change!

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