Drive Further for Less

Say Goodbye to Sky-High Diesel Costs with Our Flexible Diesel Card! 

Budget with Ease: 
Take charge of your monthly diesel expenses.

Unlock Savings: 
Access unbeatable diesel rates below regular pump prices.

Convenient Fueling: 
Refuel conveniently at thousands of locations.

Customize Your Budget: 
Tailor your monthly amount to fit your usage.

User-Friendly App: 
Usage, locate nearby stations & manage your account.

No Commitment: 
Flexibility with a no-commitment subscription.

Join The Each Person Diesel Card today and start driving smarter, not harder.

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Save Money
On Diesel Every Time

Each Person helps members save money on their fuel with The Diesel Card. Your people can say goodbye to fluctuating fuel costs and enjoy a fixed weekly price that’s lower than the retail average. With savings ranging from 5p off per litre up to 30p per litre versus other UK garage prices, members are better off and can drive further for less!

✔ Covers Thousands of Garages - Making filling up a breeze

✔ Lower Priced Diesel - With fixed weekly fuel prices 

✔ No Commitment - Not to worry, your members can cancel anytime

How it Works

Joining The Each Person Diesel Card

1  Sign Up:
Sign up for just £19.99 annually!

2  Choose Plan:
Select how much fuel you’ll need each month 

3  Get Card:
We’ll send it in the post along with your pin number

4  Use Card:
Pay for Diesel using the card to enjoy a lower price per litre!  


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Diesel Card? 

The Diesel Card is a convenient payment subscription for purchasing diesel fuel. It’s essentially a card that allows you to pay for diesel at fuel stations within our network for money off the retail amount.  

What Happens if I Don’t Spend What I’ve Loaded? 

It simply carries over to the next month giving you more credit on the card. In short, you never lose out if you don’t spend your full monthly amount!

Can I Cancel the Diesel Card Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Contact us at

Can I Keep My Diesel Card if I Am No Longer a Part of My Company?

Yes! You can retain your card even if you are no longer employed by your company.

How Do I Pay for the Fuel?

You select your fuel plan, starting at £50 worth of diesel each month, and as your card is sent out to you that first payment is taken loading the credit onto your card. You can then use your credit to pay for fuel throughout the month but instead of paying the retail price you pay a fixed (lower) price per litre.

Is There A Membership Fee Associated with the Diesel Card?

There is an annual standard subscription fee of £19.99. If you’re joining as a company you can choose to reduce this for your people if you pay upfront. Please contact for more information on this.

How Can I Find My Closest Fuel Station?

Use our Diesel Station Finder by entering your postcode or setting your location to find the nearest station.

Is There a Penalty or Fee for Cancelling My Diesel Card Subscription?

There are no cancellation penalties or fees associated with ending your Diesel Card subscription. However, you will not receive a refund for your annual £19.99 fee due to the cost of the personalised card being created uniquely for you.