The Each Person
Diesel Card

Save Up to 40p Off a Litre!

The Each Person Diesel Card
As easy as 1, 2, 3 

Apply online for a Diesel Card

Set a monthly amount to spend on diesel

Save up to 40p off per litre

Our Each Person Diesel Card is accepted at thousands of stations around the UK 

Save up to 40p off per litre of diesel

The Diesel Card usually costs £19.99 annually, but we can waive this fee for your employees!

Go live with The Diesel Card independently of the Each Person platform

Support your employees through the cost of living crisis 

Fixed diesel prices updated every week

How Much Does it Cost?

The Each Person Diesel Card costs a £19.99 annual fee. The £19.99 annual fee will get waived for employees if you go live with the Each Person platform. 
The £19.99 includes the cost of the physical card and delivery. We also charge a transaction fee of 1% every month you top up your Fuel Card card

How Does it Work? 

Employees can join independently for a £19.99 annual fee.

Once the employee has received their prepaid card they can set a monthly amount to spend on their Fuel. This amount can be modified every month. Any left over spend will automatically be put given back as a Each Person voucher or be taken off your next monthly payment.
The Diesel Card can be cancelled anytime.

*If you go live as a company with the Diesel Card, the annual fee gets waived for all employees

Put £100 credit onto your Fuel Card

Save up to 40p off a litre

Anything you don’t spend on your card automatically gets given back to you

You can cancel the Diesel Card anytime and redeem your credit back

Don’t Take Our Word for It...

“Being a builder putting diesel in my van every week takes a big chunk out of my weekly wage. I usually fill up the van with about £400 worth of diesel a month. Once I started using the Each Person Diesel Card I’m saving 20%! I just show the card at whichever fuel station I’m at and automatically get money off everytime!” 

- Sam B, Berkshire.

“Being a dog walker I used to be spending about £500 a month on diesel for my minivan. Once I decided to set up the Each Person Diesel Card I was saving about £100 monthly on my bill, it’s great!” 

Naz J, Wales. 

“My employer gave me the Each Person Diesel Card when I joined. I drive just over an hour to get to work so I thought it would be too good to be true, but I’m currently saving around 40p off per litre at my local Esso garage! It’s brilliant, all my friends have asked where I got it from!” 

- Emily B, Kent. 

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