The employee reward scheme that makes recognition simple.

The power of ‘thank you’

It’s the employees that keep companies in business. And when they’re well rewarded they work harder, smarter and stick around longer. Each Person is the employee recognition, discount and reward scheme, powered by Eco-points.

Inspire employees

Simple recognition & reward

Each Person is the simple employee recognition platform that enables flexibility around workplace benefits. Our platform can be customised, and offers real-time reporting as well as the ability to remind managers of key dates and milestones.

No set up fees

With Each Person there are no set up fees to pay when joining Each Person. We want companies’ budgets to go towards employee rewards rather than manual costs when adopting the Each Person platform.

reward scheme


With Each Person; our innovative reward scheme, employees benefit from a membership to Eco-points. Eco-points (Epoints) is our exclusive discount shopping platform, where employees enjoy typical savings of 30 – 45% at major UK retailers.

 Simple for you; the reward scheme loved by employees.

The sound of satisfaction

Don’t just take our word for it, we’ll let some employees and employers explain what appreciation sounds like…

It’s time to reward.

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