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Each Person is an altogether better way to celebrate your people and deliver significant benefits to their mental and financial wellbeing.
It’s the employees that keep companies in business. When they’re recognised, well rewarded and supported they work harder, and stick around longer. Success comes in all shapes and sizes and is happening every day in your business. Our solutions make it easy to manage programs and processes that your people will benefit from every day. Make sure you don’t miss it and show how much you value Each Person.

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Each Person is the only platform that adds to your reward budget by 10% every time twinned with saving your people money on all their favourite brands. Read more


We are the most generous reward scheme in the market with cashback on every purchase and over half a million products to choose from here’s something for everyone. Read more

Savings Club

The purpose of the Savings Club is to provide employees with a financial cushion to handle unexpected costs and help to establish healthy savings habits. Read more


Ecards are a creative way to let your people know that their efforts are being recognised, and one of the most popular and regularly used features of Each Person. Read more

Employee of the Month

Each Person has made it easy to tailor employee nominations to align with your company values and nominate a deserving employee in a matter of seconds. Read more

Wellbeing Hub

Our tailored wellbeing hub is available to relieve employees of the toll life can take by reducing stress and anxiety levels. Read more

Employee Rewards & Vouchers

With Each Person, you can to directly issue vouchers or real products such as Nandos and Nike to your people’s inbox in a matter of seconds. Read more

Long Service

From 6 month new starters to 10-year company veterans, businesses of all sizes need to reward their employees for their loyalty. Read more

HR Dashboard

Our HR dashboard allows you to see in real-time how teams across your business are recognising and rewarding each other. Read more


We’re proud to be the only employee reward scheme that is entirely aligned to fighting climate change by planting trees. Read more



What Does it Cost?

Our pricing is £1 per employee per month. For more information head to or contact us directly for exclusive pricing deals here:

Can it Be Free?

The platform can be free if you choose to take the save from salary option as a standalone next to your other benefits providers.

What Are The Main Benefits to Employees?
  • Save your people hundreds of £’s every year with exclusive access to Epoints for Free! Usually, an Epoints membership costs £100 to join plus £24 a year. Each of your people
    gets a free Epoints membership as part of your license fee.
  • Get more, pay less with Epoints Cashback, the best way to save money for you and your people. Every time you shop for a product or instant gift card you’ll be rewarded with up
    to 10% back so you’re always better off than shopping direct.
  • Epoints is the fastest way to shop across multiple retailers all in one place. Epoints provide members with a reliable, easy checkout that is 6x quicker than shopping direct.
  • Collect Epoints when you shop elsewhere across our network of 1500+ websites. By
    booking a Travelodge, or a train ticket you can collect Epoints on lots of popular websites without any hassle.
  • Receive appreciation through ecard from peers and managers. 50% of Employees Say Simple Thank you Would Make Them Feel More Valued.
What Are the Main Benefits to Employers?
  • Each Person is the only platform that adds to your reward budget by 10% every time twinned with saving your people money on all their favourite brands
  • The Each Person platform can be customised and offers real-time reporting as well as
    the ability to remind managers of key dates and milestones.
  • Each Person facilitates peer-to-peer and top-down recognition. Managers can send an ecard alone as a simple non-monetary value acknowledgement and may attach Epoints as a reward.
  • See your company build its recognition culture first-hand in real-time. Not all rewards and recognition providers make reporting easy. At Each Person, we believe it’s our responsibility to give you total visibility of how the programme has landed within your business.
How Quickly Can I Get Set Up?
  • We do the hard work to get you onto the platform painlessly. Each Person is simple to use, even for those not technically savvy.
  • Get set up yourself via our self-service platform or contact
    us directly

We Believe That Each Person Matters

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8a Denmark Street, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 2BB

Contact Form

 0118 979 6341
8a Denmark Street, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 2BB

We Believe That Each Person Matters