Earned Wage Access

Easily provide your team with immediate pay!

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Empower Your People
with A New Pay Method!

64% of people admit to running out of cash before payday. That’s why we want to ensure your people can worry less and do more.

Provide your team with the ultimate privilege of accessing their own pay in a way that works for them so they are always prepared for life's unexpected outgoings or even big events!

Simple & Seamless

With the FlexEarn app, your team can have instant access 24/7 to information regarding their wages, enabling them to check how much they have earned and stay updated with the total transferred into their bank account. 

a picture of the earth with a plant growing out of it.

What’s the Process?

A. Integration
Firstly the FlexEarn platform will need to be integrated with your payroll software!

B. Flexible Pay
Your team can then take out any earned wages for £1.75 with no hidden charges.

C. Pay Deduction
Any earnings taken out in advance will then be deducted from their salary.


Not only does the Earned Wages Access scheme help your people have more freedom with their wages, but it also can have a positive impact on your company!

Increased Loyalty & Engagement: Employees will feel more valued by you

Attract New Talent: Potential employees will appreciate the flexibility you offer

Self-Service: This scheme does not require any additional work for payroll

User-Friendly Benefit: FlexEarn is an accessible platform which is easy to set up and use

The Benefits are Limitless!

It’s easy!

Show your people that they are valued. Enable them to manage any unexpected outgoings. Providing your team with more financial freedom leads to a happy and engaged workforce.

An engaged workforce can massively improve the business's culture and outgoings, helping your organisation be the best it can be! Reach out to discover how you can get started!