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Instant Employee Vouchers

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Mitz Patel, Head of Projects at Prezzo, said: "We have an incredibly passionate and hardworking team of people. Working in the hospitality industry can be challenging, and our employees are integral to overcoming these hurdles. To ensure our customers leave with a smile and make memories, we understand how crucial it is for our employees to feel valued and looked after.”

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Happy Employees at the Click of a Button

Time is precious, so your people shouldn’t have to wait for days to get a voucher sent to them. With Each Person, you can directly issue vouchers to your employee’s inbox in a matter of seconds. Employees can redeem these vouchers both online and in-store in 30 countries across a range of 700+ major retailers and brands. It’s the ultimate convenience and a brilliant way to say thank you for your hard work.

Our aim is to save your people time and money and give them the choice they crave by rewarding them with something they really want. Instant employee vouchers give amazing flexibility to your reward strategy, be it a voucher for an online reward or a way to take the team for lunch at Nandos. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered with Each Person. If an employee voucher isn’t preferred, simply reward Epoints and let your people choose the product they want from our vast range of rewards where there is truly something for everyone.

Employee Vouchers in 30 Countries

Celebrate uniqueness in your business by offering something that caters to each individual.

Gift your people the gift of choice. Employees are tired of being treated like another number and not being appreciated for their hard work in the right way. That’s why it’s so important to recognise them with rewards they will really want. We allow you to send instant employee vouchers to 30 countries from over 700+ brands, so no one feels left out.

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Celebrate Uniqueness

We’ve created an offering that caters to each individual. From Apple to Nike, we enable you to acknowledge your employees with brands they know and love!

You may know the specific employee voucher to send, or with such a diverse group of people in your business, you may want to leave it to them to decide. Each Person covers all the options in terms of employee vouchers, but instead of choosing for them, you can award Epoints to them so they can pick. They can then use their Epoints to select the specific employee voucher to their taste. In many cases, your people may even use an employee voucher for a friend or family member to celebrate a birthday or special occasion so having the choice is a great way to give them the flexibility needed.

So How Does It Work?

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You sign up to Each Person and create your own tailored and branded recognition and rewards scheme. 

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Purchase Epoints which are company-wide ready to be distributed to elected budget holders. 

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Share the Epoints you buy across your Managers who can then award members of their team or across the business.

At this stage, Managers can give specific employee vouchers out e.g. £10 at Costa Coffee or choose to give £10 of Epoints and let your people choose the employee voucher (or product) they really want!

Top-Up to
Get what They Really Want

The rewards don’t end with the points you give. Your people can take the Epoints you issue them and use them towards an even bigger reward. That could be a larger employee voucher, or it could be to use the Epoints you’ve awarded them as a part-payment for another more expensive product they’ve got their heart set on. They just need to make up the difference, and hey presto, they can get the reward they’ve been looking forward to!

Whichever way you choose to play it, your people will get the reward they love quickly and feel appreciated for the hard work they do.

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If you wish to improve your business start by focusing on your most important asset; your employees.

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