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20 Mar 2020

Workplace productivity: working from home

The Coronavirus may now be a pandemic, but unfortunately, it hasn’t taken over the world to the extent where working ends. Companies are now actively encouraging their employees to work from home, if possible. However, there is still demand workplace productivity and professionalism, and that’s when working from the comfort of your own home becomes not so appealing. You can’t sit around in your pajamas watching Netflix all day! You need to be productive. You still need to work hard.

Top tips on how to keep productive!

Create a morning routine

It’s so important to keep your ‘work’ frame of mind! It’s no good waking up 5 minutes before your workday, expecting to be energized and therefore be productive. You need to create a morning routine that guides you to your chair. Why not make a cup of coffee, or go for a morning jog? This will prepare your mind for a busy workday ahead despite not being in the office.

Keep a dedicated workspace; don’t let your work productivity suffer

Workplace productivity must remain even when working from home. It’s no good working from the sofa and definitely not from your bed! To enable work productivity, you need to ensure that you have a separate work-space. You need dedicated office space, associated with your work and work only!

Structure your day

You must ensure that you schedule breaks into your work timetable. It’s important to know your company’s policies on break times, and you should definitely make sure you take them! You should try to avoid looking at anything work-related when you’re on your lunch break. Take time to rejuvenate. Rest, and time away from work is vitally important when it comes to work productivity.

Use technology to stay connected

Business decisions still need to be made and shared, and everyone needs to be kept in the loop. Adopt a method of communication suitable for everyone; whether that’s conference calls through skype, or simple email trails. Communication is key when it comes to workplace productivity!

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