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6 Sep 2021

Five Innovative Ways to Set Goals Post-COVID

Set goals within your business to achieve the most out of your people.

In doing so, you can focus their attention on specific decisions and paths to be the best they possibly can be productively and mentally. When your people have a goal, they’re more likely to understand the task at hand and therefore deliver. When you are married with higher motivation and self-esteem, setting goals is a sure-fire way to help your people.

“Goal-setters see future possibilities and the big picture.

– Rick McDaniel, Author

Considering the difficulties faced by everyone over the last year or so due to the pandemic, how you set goals is incredibly important to their success. Your goals must be suitable for them to affect the way your people work. This article discusses how you can set goals, especially within a post-COVID work environment.

How to Set Goals Post-Covid:

Focus on The Positive

We’ve all had a tough year. With the pandemic massively impacting financial wellbeing, and workplace wellbeing, try to set goals that focus on the positives. Look back at what your people have achieved and help them boost this further.

Be Realistic 

Although businesses may need to make up for lost time, the goals you set must be achievable. If they are not, your people will feel they cannot meet their goals and become demotivated.

Specificity Matters

Following on from realistic goals, make sure they are specific. When you set goals, include specific numbers, dates and other relevant information. In doing so, your people will know what you expect of them and avoid any confusion. 

Their Opinion Matters

As always, your employees opinions matter. In other words, ask what goals they would like to set and where they want to push themselves. Communication works as a perfect incentive for many individuals to feel respected, listened to and understood.


Lastly, it may seem obvious. However, recording the set goals and your people’s progress is vital to their success. It allows transparency and circumvents any unwanted difficulties whilst improving employee engagement.

To set goals in a post-COVID climate, remember that you need to stay transparent, realistic and listen to your people. Setting goals can be tricky, but they are imperative to success for the whole team

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