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18 Feb 2021

How to maintain worker motivation without causing burnout

Since much of the UK’s workforce now operates from home and online, many struggle to remain focused and engaged. With employees essentially doing more with less, worker motivation is diminishing, whilst higher levels are experiencing burnout.

But what is burnout? 

The term burnout has been around for a while. Since the pandemic, it has, unfortunately, become an all too familiar term and signifies a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion.

How do we maintain worker motivation without impacting it?

Maintaining worker motivation can be a challenging initiative to manage but guarantees a positive impact on workplace wellness. Here are some tips for helping you encourage focused and engaged teams.

One implementation of worker motivation is rewards and recognition. It’s common knowledge that positive reinforcement is an effective way to foster motivation within the workplace. Each Person offers a personalised and tailored employee reward scheme to fit business objectives and values, such as employee of the month nominations or eco-point rewards. Recognising employees helps tackle burnout by informing them of their success and showing their hard work isn’t in vain.

Introducing performance meetings to your weekly schedule can also help worker motivation. Individuals have the opportunity not to focus on tactile objectives, but instead, vocalise their goals and achievements, increasing their value. Employees are more likely to remain vigilant on their goals and understand how to tackle them, reducing the likelihood of exhaustion.

Communication is key! Having a harmonious team ensures employees are aware of the business needs and their own. Encouraging staff to build employee relations is vital to maintaining worker motivation. A simple way to do this is by sending ecards for employees to one another. Each Person offers a unique service with simple tailoring to your company’s brand and needs. Ecards encourage recognition in the workplace and promote positive behaviour by saying thank you for your hard work.

Coordinating engaging and challenging work enables employees to develop their skills and focus. No longer being able to use dynamic and lively atmospheres, employers have to delve into remote working. By introducing simple techniques, companies can sustain worker motivation by enabling play and changing mundane routines. Allowing everyone to provide feedback or participate in thought showers are inclusive ways to do so.

Employees’ wellbeing is at the forefront of many minds this year. Having been forced into a new way of operating worker motivation is not to be taken for granted, but instead nurtured. Here at Each Person, we understand how tricky that can be so we offer great solutions to help cultivate your company and offer perks at works. To understand more about how we can help increase motivation visit or contact us at

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