Work Ecards

Work Ecards

The power of ‘thank you’.

 Research has repeatedly shown that simple expressions of appreciation have an extraordinary effect on the morale, productivity and loyalty of employees.

Ecards are a creative and effective way to let an employee know that their efforts are being recognised, and one of the most popular and regularly used features of Each Person. They allow digital work ‘ecards’ to be sent to an employee’s email. To add something extra, managers can attach Epoints as a reward. Cards can also be sent from one employee to another.

Everyone has good days and bad days as a employer you can make those bad days a little more enjoyable with a work ecard. 

Example Work Ecards

Ecards for every occasion

Ecards are highly customisable, and employers can choose from our range of animated designs, or create their own cards in their own branding to reflect the company values, objectives or mission. We also make scheme administration easy, by allowing minimum and maximum points levels for awards to be defined. Each manager is allocated an Epoints budget to share with their team.
Employees can also send ecards to their peers directly from their Epoints account. If they choose to attach the Epoints currency to their ecard, the epoints will be drawn from their own personal account.

50% of employees say a simple thank you would make them feel more valued

In a recent employee survey carried out among almost 700 employees of a major UK employer, almost 50% of employees stated that a simple thank you would make them feel more valued in the workplace.

With Each Person, sending a card and making someone’s day is a matter of a few moments, and a few simple clicks. And with peer-to-peer recognition we offer the option to copy in a line manager to ensure every employee is fully recognised for their hard work.