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17 Mar 2021

How internships can help improve company culture

Company culture is vitally important to the success of a company. With 97% of large employers planning to hire interns and an estimated total of one to two million of them. This could lead to a change in the way companies work.

Each Person’s Interns

First up, Kate is currently an undergraduate studying Communication and Media. She has a keen interest in Marketing and Communications. Whilst on a placement year, Kate has been working as one of the Marketing Interns for Each Person.

Kate reveals it is no surprise to her that employee recognition improves engagement. She believes it’s fundamental to a happy and collaborative workplace. Kate has seen the innovative way Each Person helps employees feel valued for their hard work.

Our second intern is Jasmine. A Master’s graduate also equipped with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. Whilst working as a marketing intern, Jasmine has begun to explore rewards and recognition schemes in-depth. This is to understand how they can affect the workplace to develop social media and SEO.

Jasmine believes that rewards and recognition at all stages of employment are essential to company culture. She further adds that even as an intern, she has received recognition. In short, it has essentially allowed her to work to her fullest potential, leading on to further her skills.

Interns impact on company culture

When companies take on interns, they are also developing their company culture. Introducing training programmes and taking time to promote company values, are simple ways to do so.

Concentrate on core tasks 

To start, internships can open up doors to different opportunities. Interns allow employers to introduce people who do not see companies from the inside every day. Chances for fresh perspectives on businesses strategies arise as a result. This indicates internships are a great way to increase productivity. Thus allowing employees to concentrate on core tasks.


On top of this, a fresh view can also give new ways to solve problems. Interns may see different approaches, challenge old behaviours and bring forward new ideas. Essentially, allowing your team to analyse differently. As a result of this, you may find more effective ways around issues. Furthermore, growing productivity and creating time to focus on other needs, such as perks at work.

Rewards and recognition impact on company culture

Working for Each Person has revealed the importance of rewards and recognition for company culture. In other words, showing your people they are more than just a number can positively impact your team.

Here are some examples that our interns have witnessed first-hand:


Saying thank you for your hard work is the secret to creating an incredible company culture. Each Person’s exciting, eco-friendly, and practical Ecards system has shown both interns their success instantly. For instance, Ecards are sent to say well done, encouraging their confidence and skill development. In short, Ecards help improve company culture via communication improvement and increased courage and initiative.


Likewise, Each Person’s nominations are a manageable and effective way to showcase every employee’s success. It also allows companies to use nomination schemes across all levels.

Both interns believe that an effective nomination scheme is a brilliant and effortless way to show appreciation. Recognising one another has been proven to strengthen workplace relationships and morale, as a result. In other words, nominations create a positive company culture where individuals feel valued.

To conclude, internships offer up fresh attitudes to the workplace and help to maintain progress. So, with the addition of rewards and recognition, you can increase your company culture. To find out more about how Each Person can help you create the best possible culture, visit and follow us on social media.

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