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19 Feb 2021

Why company culture is significant and how to improve it in 2021

Simply put, company culture is the heart and soul of your company, whether that be through great perks at work or values and ethos.

Why company culture is important

Over half of those employed say culture is more important than salary. Dr Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor Chief Economist, says: “A common misperception among many employers today is that pay and work-life balance are among the top factors driving employee satisfaction,” underpinning the value company culture has to staff retention.

Attracting new and innovative staff might be crucial to business success in 2021. 84% of job seekers say the reputation of a company as an employer of choice is essential. Therefore, cultivating company culture should be on the agenda. Hiring fresh and inventive employees strengthens your ability to problem solve and bring in new, exciting ideas.

Company culture done well helps raise questions and evaluate situations correctly, and analysis is a vital way to promote growth and development for your business.

How to improve your company culture

Execute your values clearly. Share them online for customers and in interviews with potential employees to show their influence. Clients and customers appreciate good morals, and we’ve seen just how detrimental a slip up in ethics can be, like Tesco’s meat scandal, which resulted in a decrease of their market value by £300 million.

Employees will feel the benefit of a positive work environment and become more engaged and enthusiastic with their work increasing productivity. Achieve this by implementing a successful employee reward scheme. By choosing to use rewards and recognition in the workplace, you successfully increase company culture daily.

Companies could donate to a good cause, putting company culture into practice. Each Person has a convenient and comprehensive solution through Eco-points. Partnering with Carbon Footprint, employees can make a difference to a problem that affects us all, climate change, enabling the entirety of your company to donate to tree planting!

Avoiding isolation is imperative to enhancing company culture. Employees can no longer gather in a staff room to create a sense of community. Investing in fun, laid back channels of remote communication provides an informal environment allowing employees to know their valued. Businesses may also introduce ecards to say: “thank you for your hard work” which is an effective motivator, with 51% of employees saying that a simple thanks would make them feel valued.

2021 does not have to be an uncertain year for businesses. By introducing ways to cultivate company culture, they can flourish. To find out more about how Each Person can help you visit us at or contact us at

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