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20 Apr 2021

How to inspire a creative and innovative workplace remotely

Creative and innovative workplaces are vital within today’s remote working climate. Repetitiveness and a lack of inspiration is an everyday occurrence to those working from home. This can lead to a decrease in motivation, and therefore productivity. Subsequently, employers need to develop new ways to inspire their people and break the blandness of remote working.

Here are some ways to help build a creative and innovative workplace.

Allow flexibility

Allowing employees to have flexibility in their work, for example through work schedules or breaks, will improve their happiness. To demonstrate, 68% of millennials worldwide say flexibility helps their satisfaction at work. Hence why flexibility is essential. Furthermore, happier workers are often more creative, showing that flexibility is an influential part of perks at work.

Team building

Outdoor activities are reopening in the UK, which gives a perfect opportunity for team building. A stronger team with higher communication skills will find it easier to find their creativity and encourage an innovative workplace. Hence, employee relations valuable to workplace wellbeing, but they can also improve productivity ten folds as a result.

Encourage experimentation 

Employers can build an innovative workplace by supporting staff to experiment within their role. But, it’s not so easy to do so outside of an exciting office space. However, with the appropriate communication and patience, employers can rally confidence and encourage experimentation, thus building an innovative workplace.

Recognise good work

Finally, recognising work allows a team to see when they’re working well. At Each Person, you can say thank you for your hard work through categorised Ecards. To clarify, recognising creativity specifically can encourage and inspire innovative workplaces.

An employee of the month is another great way to encourage an innovative workplace. Setting goals has been proven to inspire employees to work harder and more effectively. With this in mind, nominating those who show innovation sets them apart and inspire others to do the same.

In essence, an innovative workplace is significant within a remote climate for productivity and motivation. With the UK shifting out of lockdown, it is easier to encourage. To discover how you can inspire your people through rewards and recognition, visit and follow us on social media.
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