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climate emergency
26 Aug 2021

Climate Emergency: What HR Can Do to Help and Why?

We are all aware of just how serious the climate emergency is and has been for several years. However, after the release of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report on August 9th (2021), the challenges we face have become that little more real. To summarise, the report states without action, the planet will endure a 1.5°C increase in temperature. Moreover, this small increase, surprisingly or not, will cause catastrophic damage to already fragile ecosystems, animal wellbeing and even humanity. 

So, what can HR do to help tackle the unprecedented climate emergency, and why should they want to?

What to Do About The Climate Emergency:

Climate change, unfortunately, cannot be tackled in one day. However, small changes inspire even more change. Being eco-conscious doesn’t have to be challenging.

To give an example, Stella McCartney, a sustainable luxury fashion brand, operates a vegetarian-only workplace. With meat consumption and agriculture one of the greatest contributors to the climate emergency, this initiative creates hugely positive impacts all around.


Encourage your people to modify their behaviours: from modest changes such as reusable coffee cups in the workplace to more significant ones like going plastic-free for a month. It will not be an easy fix, but change from many will make a huge difference. 


Secondly, listen to what the people in your team are saying. They may suggest innovative ideas your company can implement. Everyone is affected by this issue. Therefore, listening to what individuals have to say is incredibly important for your staff’s wellbeing. 


Lastly, remain adaptable to your surroundings. The world is constantly changing, so stay open to change as much as possible. Modifying existing behaviour is the key to change. For example, introducing rewards and recognition that simultaneously tackles the climate crisis is a smart choice. Each Person is the only employee reward scheme entirely aligned to fighting climate change by planting trees. With more companies understanding the need for action, now is the best time to make a difference.

Why HR Should Care About The Climate Emergency:

So why exactly should HR make all these changes, aside from saving the planet?

It Affects Everyone

It may be hard to see now, but the climate emergency affects everyone. With sea levels rising, climates changing drastically and more plastic consumed than ever, the issue encompasses us all. 

Company Culture

Although the crisis will change everyone’s life, the younger generations will take the biggest hit. Within the next 20 years, we will see drastic changes that cannot be undone. With this in mind, fostering climate-conscious company cultures will attract young, fresh and innovative individuals to your roster and fuel inspiration and innovation. 

In short, the climate emergency will take a lot of work to correct. However, it will change each person’s life catastrophically. Therefore, HR can and should make whatever changes they can to fix such an all-consuming and unavoidable issue. 

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