Thinking of Going Back to School? Ask Your Company About Staff Training

Your workplace may be able to help!

Thinking of Going Back to School? Ask Your Company About Staff Training

No matter whether you crawled through school as a teen or flew through every moment, everyone has different reasons for wanting to return to school as an adult. Perhaps you are interested in staff training that would help you develop in your career or there's something new you are looking to learn. 

There are plenty of ways to get involved in school as an adult, even if your daily life is already jam-packed.

But why would you want to join a course or enroll in staff training in the first place?

Learning something you’re passionate about can be very fulfilling and influence your mental and physical wellbeing. It is a great opportunity to jump into something new and express your individuality (1).

Both academic and vocational courses can improve the social, professional and personal aspects of your life. It could be something you can share with your friends, or to benefit your work life. Employee development is essential in the workplace so, as an employer, engaging your people in staff training can be a great way to improve productivity, teamwork and confidence.

Training Courses in the Workplace

When you start a new job, you will often be set up on a staff training course to introduce you to some of the work and processes. These courses can be made available to anyone at the company, so it’s always worth asking your employer about the training courses they can offer. This doesn’t necessarily have to be within your department. Your employer may see your enthusiasm to join staff training as an initiative to improve your abilities.

These courses are generally more related to the business you work for which can be great if you are looking to develop your professional skills in your current career. If you are looking for a more vocational or abstract course, you may want to try some of the other advised options.

Each Person offers selected clients access to some of the top training courses in the UK! You will have the opportunity to provide your people with these courses at a discounted price when you join the Each Person family for as low as £2 per employee per month (contact for more details). So whether your people want to brush up on their first aid or learn something completely different, get in touch and we can help!

National Careers Service

The National Careers Service (NCS) is a Government funded organisation that helps people at any stage in their life, looking to develop their career or skills.

On their website, you can find free online courses to get stuck into for a variety of different topics. On the same page, there are links to how you can find other opportunities and how to develop your skills in other ways (2). From Maths to Health and Social Care, these courses are great options to utilise to your benefit.

NCS also offer a free contact service where you can speak with an adviser about any queries you have regarding the development of your career (2). The skilled advisers can offer guidance on specific career paths that relate to you as well as any learning opportunities that you might be interested in. The advisers will also keep in touch with you to help where they can with your development and success.

The Open University

If you’re looking for something slightly more long-term, or are interested in working towards a higher certification such as a degree, The Open University could be for you!

The Open University is primarily an online learning platform, designed for people who are already in full-time work, parenthood, or looking for change (3). The flexibility of a part-time option is very appealing if you are looking to learn something new, make a career change or develop your current career as you can complete the work alongside your current projects. 

The mouth-watering variety of courses offers the ability to develop your skills at a pace that is suited to you and your needs. Online and on-campus support is offered and there are plenty of opportunities to collaborate with other people on the course if you wish (3).

The OU can be a perk for businesses with staff training and gaining qualifications that could be beneficial for development. From short courses to higher technical qualifications, there is something for all of your employees.

Each Person puts employee wellbeing first and we are keen to help with guidance on the happiness of your staff. Ecards, employee vouchers, our Diesel Card, training courses; the list is endless on how Each Person can support the recognition of your employees. Find out more about what we can offer to enhance employee appreciation and development for your business at or get in touch with us at

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By Alex Crump, Published May 2023

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