Queensway Launch Employee Reward and Recognition Scheme With Each Person

We're thrilled to be partnered with Queensway!

Queensway Launch Employee Reward and Recognition Scheme With Each Person

Leading Hospitality Group Rolls Out New Employee Reward and Recognition Scheme to 800 of their Employees 

Queensway has partnered with the award-winning Each Person’s rewards and recognition scheme. Rolling out over five of their major brands and across 800 of their staff to celebrate their employees' success, continue their commitment to their wellbeing and support them during these challenging financial times.

Elaine Blanchett, Executive Business Partner at Queensway, says, “We're thrilled to partner with Each Person and bring our employees a comprehensive and personalised reward and recognition platform. Our business is all about people, and our employees' contributions significantly impact our success. To thank them for their continuous hard work and to create a happier and more motivated workforce, we believe that Each Person will help us achieve this goal."

The Ethos at Queensway is… 

“Every day, we look at new ways to challenge ourselves to be better to our customers, our business and each other. We’re team players, that genuinely care about each other, and when we work together, there is no limit to what we can do.” 

Each Person’s Employee Reward and Recognition Scheme

Each Person offers a more personalised, flexible, and transparent approach with authentic thank yous, encourages healthy spending habits through our Epoints store, and even has the ability to fund eco-projects by donating trees. Our mission here at Each Person is to provide employees with the ultimate 'feel good' package to help increase employee engagement, motivation, and job satisfaction.

Elaine Blanchett at Queensway, says, “Each Person’s platform offers a variety of reward options, which is great for rewarding and incentivising a diverse group of employees, regardless of their individual preferences or interests. Its flexible, personalised, and data-driven approach means that we can customise the platform fully to our values, which is extremely important to us”. 

Natalie Fawzy, Head of Customer Success at Each Person, adds, “I really look forward to seeing how Queensway customises the platform to make it their own. It has been a pleasure onboarding them, and we think our Each Person shop and exclusive deals will be loved by their employees. Overall we truly hope our platform continues to support them in their business success and care for their people”.

Taking Rewards and Recognition Global With Queensway

Queensway spans over 45 locations and runs the following brands KFC and Starbucks, Point A Hotels, Sloane Place, Montagu Place, ibis Styles and the Sloane Club. Providing memorable hospitality experiences to their customers across the UK, Austria, Slovakia and East Africa. 

Elaine Blanchett, says, “Building a work culture that is based on equality, empathy, and trust is key to getting the best out of our teams. Knowing that we can connect with all our employees through this platform not only means improving our engagement but also boosting morale and creating a work culture that people are proud to be a part of”. 

Matt Norbury, CEO and Founder of Each Person, said “We’ve designed the platform to provide full transparency to both the employees and managers, to unite all members. Our real-time HR dashboard makes reporting easy so you can track how the program is landing with the business but also where internal improvements could work! Each Person is about doing more for you & your people, and we look forward to seeing how Queensway connects better and empowers their employees through our personalised recognition programme”. 


For additional information, please contact Ella Wyatt, Head of Marketing, at e.wyatt@eachperson.com. 

About Each Person and Epoints

We have a solution for you if you’re interested in exploring ways to help your team's financial and mental wellbeing. We power an unparalleled employee savings program with our fully functional, market-leading employee recognition platform.

This is totally unique in the market and includes

● The highest cashback levels available

● Save up to 40p off every litre of diesel with The Each Person Diesel Card

● Effortlessly support eco-projects

Ecards, nominations, automated long service and so much more

Each Person enables your people to create healthy financial habits to help with unexpected costs. What's more, we help employers tackle climate change through our partnership with Carbon Footprint. We even increase your reward budget by 10% every time.

So, you can save your people money whilst saving the planet.

To find out more, visit us at www.eachperson.com today!

About Queensway Group

Founded in 1973, Queensway is a family-owned business that believes in creating sincere and memorable hospitality experiences for its customers. The Queensway Group portfolio includes; restaurants, hotels, coffee houses and residential properties, including brand names such as KFC, Starbucks,  ibis Styles and the Sloane Club. With a customer base across the UK, Austria, Slovakia and East Africa. 

Visit us at www.queensway.com to find out more. 

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