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22 Jul 2021

Employee Engagement: Five Ways to Look After Your People this Summer

It’s not news that employee engagement takes a fall during the summer months. Forbes magazine states that workplace productivity drops 20%, and projects take 13% longer to complete. However, there are many ways you can avoid this drop in efficiency within the workplace.

So how can companies encourage employee engagement from June to August? 

Five Ways to Keep Employees Engaged During the Summer


In the UK’s remote environment, flexibility is hugely significant to employee engagement. As a result of the change in rules about working from home from Monday 19th of July, many individuals may still want remote work. Allowing them this freedom is crucial to their wellbeing and ability to work effectively.

In addition, flexibility allows people to juggle their personal and home life. Some of your people may have other responsibilities, such as caring for loved ones. Therefore a sense of flexibility will allow them to successfully engage with work and home life.

Furthermore, flexibility in break schedules can be an innovative way to encourage employee engagement. Perhaps, allowing them to change their break times to when it is sunny outside. In effect, they will feel happier and refreshed.

Recognise more to help employee engagement

Companies that have effective recognition in place have 14% better employee engagement. Therefore, not recognising would inevitably affect your people.

At Each Person, we’ve made it simple to say: thank you for your hard work with our accessible and easy to manage Ecards. Around 50% of employees say a simple thank you would make them feel more appreciated. Employee engagement would increase accordingly.

Small gestures can give big rewards. An affecting employee reward scheme can help your people stay focused and positive. 

Team days out

45% of workers are more distracted during the summer than the rest of the year. In other words, for three months in the year, your team is less likely to work hard. Rewarding individuals’ existing hard work with team building activities can help employee engagement whilst improving company culture and employee relations. 

Reward more for employee engagement

Rewards and recognition are vital to employee engagement when used together. One of the top reasons for employees feeling demotivated is from feeling unappreciated. Offering perks at work, such as employee vouchers, can make your team feel appreciated. Therefore, they are more likely to work harder.

Clear communication

Although it is best to recognise staff for what they are doing well, if their ability to work and productivity decreases below an unsatisfactory rate, discuss with them. By building trustworthy relationships, you can discuss issues without negativity and further concerns with engagement.

Overall, it is natural to see a drop in employee engagement over the summer. However, through effective rewards and recognition, you can constructively change and avoid these scenarios. 

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