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8 Apr 2020

Mental Health: Looking after yourself and your employees during isolation

Working from home can have a negative impact on your mental health. Some psychological effects of working from home include: Loneliness and Isolation, Anxiety, Stress, Pressure and Depression. Don’t worry… these can be overcome, and you can do so many things to have a positive influence on your mental health!

What can you do to help your own mental health?

Think Positive thoughts & Stay Mindful

It’s so important to focus on the things you can control, like how you act and who you speak to. You should limit your access to social media and news broadcasts. Take time to relax! This will help you manage your anxiety about the unprecedented situation surrounding us.

Keep your mind active 

Keeping your mind occupied is so important for your mental health; separate the positives and negatives in life. Why not read a new book? Journaling and completing puzzles is such a good idea too!

Look after your body 

Yes, your mental health and physical health are separate entities, but looking after one will most definitely help the other! Neglecting your body will damage your mental health. You need to ensure you look after yourself, especially during this crazy period. This could mean eating healthy and balanced meals, ensuring you drink at least 3 litres of water a day and exercise regularly.

Stick to a daily routine 

Your routine may be totally different to what you are used to, but there is no excuse for slacking! You need to adapt to create a positive, new routine. Set yourself goals!

Ask yourself: What is one thing you are hoping to achieve during this tough time?

Stay Connected 

To maintain a healthy mind, and in turn protect your mental health, you must keep in touch with others. Ensuring you maintain healthy relationships, whether they be with your colleagues, family or friends, is vital. Not only will it help your mental health, but theirs too. Did you know: Support from your peers is just as effective as cognitive behaviour therapy when you’re down!

What should employers and leaders do to help their employees mental health?

  1. Share reputable sources and follow official advice: this will limit confusion and overthinking amongst the team.
  2. Consider who needs information and when: this will minimise gossip and anxiety within your team, and therefore protect your employee’s mental health.
  3. Talk to your people: make sure you have regular communication to show that you care about every single employee’s needs and feelings.
  4. Use technology for work and social aspects of work: you should provide equipment and support for staff to use technology to keep in touch with each other, with colleagues and their managers.
  5. See opportunities for growth and development alongside crisis planning: If business is disrupted, you should encourage your employees to explore different avenues of personal development. Why not connect your staff to different volunteer opportunities within the local community?  

It’s important to take care of yourself and get the most from life!  

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