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5 Apr 2022

How to Support Your Employees Through Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan can understandably be a challenging time for many Muslims. Therefore, it’s essential for employers to understand how they can help those celebrating Ramadan and fasting. Workplaces are steadily becoming more diverse, with a vast array of holidays and festivals to celebrate giving us the opportunity to learn and celebrate different cultures. Understanding these cultures helps to create a happy, healthy and diverse workplace. 

What is Ramadan? 

During Ramadan, Muslims celebrate the revelation of the Holy Qur’an and fast from sunrise to sunset. However, it holds much more significance than that. Ramadan is a time to reflect on oneself and purify the mind, body and soul. Ramadan lasts between 29 and 30 days and ends on Eid, celebrated upon the moon’s sighting. 

How Can Workplaces Support Employees During Ramadan? 

Offer a Safe Space to Pray

Facilitating a safe place for your employees to pray, such as a prayer room, is a significant step toward helping. Although, it is essential to remember that prayer is also obligatory outside of Ramadan. 

Be Considerate

We must stay considerate that when fasting, energy levels can decrease. Additionally, some may not be able to fast for personal reasons, so you may want to avoid direct questions about fasting. Remember to stay sensitive to individual needs.

Annual Leave Requests

Ramadan is a significant time of the year. Understandably, you may see an increase in holiday requests. Whatsmore, some of these requests may come at short notice as Ramadan is based on the lunar calendar, which focuses on the monthly cycles of the Moon’s phases.

Accommodate Flexible Working

COVID-19’s pandemic gave us a new insight into flexible ways of working, which can help those taking part in Ramadan. Start the conversation with what they may need. 

Celebrate With Them

Finally, make those who aren’t taking part in Ramadan aware of the celebrations and make it a company celebration. 

Workplaces must begin to be more inclusive of cultures and celebrations if they aren’t already. In turn, they will increase their employees’ workplace wellbeing, aid positive friendships at work and much more, making a better experience. 

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