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Savings Club

The Secret
to Saving Your People Money

If you believe in helping your teams’ financial and mental wellbeing we have a solution for you.
Recent research shows that over 17 million people in the UK have savings of less than £100, with many in debt to payday lenders, which incur extortionate interest rates. A quarter of high earners also struggle to meet unexpected costs.

To help tackle these problems, we provide a savings solution for employees at no cost to employers or employees.

We provide a standalone savings facility, which complements your current benefits providers at no cost to you as an employer and no cost to your employees.

We combine 4 types of savings into 1 amazing platform to deliver unrivalled value for your employees.

This is totally unique in the market and includes: 

  • 1The highest cashback levels available (across all major retailers/brands)
  • 26% interest on employee Epoints balances
  • 3Payroll linked saving (automated saving from salary)
  • 4Price comparison/voucher codes and exclusive prices

Our platform helps create healthy financial habits for your people, giving them typically 20% extra savings on their shopping, plus providing a financial cushion to cope with unexpected costs throughout the year.

Set Savings Goals

Whether it’s £100 towards the festive food shop with an M&S gift card or £500 for that much-needed laptop. Epoints gives you the flexibility to set a goal that suits your circumstances.

The additional silver lining is that with Epoints, employees will also get typical savings on purchases of up to 20% off normal prices with the cashback we offer on every purchase.

Spend Your Epoints on Anything

Spend Your Epoints on Anything

Spend the Epoints you save on anything from holidays to those big family occasions and celebrations. Epoints aims to provide employees with a financial cushion through regular salary contributions to handle unexpected payments through the year.


How do we achieve 20% off savings?

Epoints achieves typical 20% off normal prices by a combination of cashback up to 15%, optimised search for lowest prices and aggregating updated best deals.

What do we charge Employers?

We make no charge to employers who sponsor their employees as Members of the Epoints Savings Club.

What do we charge Employees?

Employees sponsored by their employers are not charged anything for joining the Epoints Savings Club.  In fact, they save the normal costs of Epoints Membership of £100 joining fee and £30 annual subscription.

How does Epoints benefit from the Savings Club?

Epoints benefits in three major ways:

  • It leverages its buying power to achieve enhanced affiliate commission from retailers
  • It fulfils its social agenda of assisting employees to avoid the extortionate costs of debt from payday lenders
  • It provides a channel for employee members to subscribe a small part of savings towards our eco agenda to mitigate climate change.

How does Epoints Savings Club compare with Bank Deposits?

Bank deposit interest rates are currently just 0.2% of funds deposited, so that on typical monthly savings of £200 a month, deposit interest for the year is less than £5, whereas on the same basis the Epoints Savings Club  generates (20%) typical money off savings of approximately £500 on purchases over the year.

What are the conclusions of research?

Global Data, a leading research company, identified in studies of the six most transformative emerging technologies for consumers, that Epoints:

  • Had the highest conversion percentage of adoption=
  • That within 5 years 61% of shoppers would use the Epoints savings platform
  • That no competitor came close to matching the Epoints savings proposition.