How to Upload New Ecards

Getting started with Each Person

1. Head to ‘Admin’

Click on ‘Admin’ from the menu on the left hand side. Then select ‘Ecards’.

2. Select ‘add your own Ecards’

Select ‘Add your own Ecards’ and click ‘+ Add another ecard’.

3. Fill in the details

Decide on an Ecard Name and fill in the specified box.

4. Drag and drop or upload the ecard design

On the ‘drag & drop file here or select’ upload your relevant ecard design. For best results, your Ecard should be 588 x 432 pixels. When uploading a GIF ecard, animated files may not work if they’re too large in size. An optimal size is nothing larger than 2mb.

5. Hit the save button

Hit the save button to upload your ecard into the system!