How to Send an Ecard

Getting started with Each Person

1. Head to ‘Recognise / Reward’

First, select ‘Recognise / Reward’ on the left hand side.

2. Choose Who to Recognise

Select whether you want to search for an individual or a whole team.
To find an individual, type their name or email address into the search field. Alternatively, click ‘team’ if you want to search by team. Type the team name into the search field and select an individual or select all.

Matches will appear as you type, and you can select the correct names to add them.

If you want to notify someone about sending an Ecard, you can choose to CC in their email directly into the field below.

3. How Are You Recognising

Now you can choose your reason for recognition from the drop-down menu.

Once you have selected the reason, you can decide whether to add a reward or not. If you choose no, you can move onto the next step.

Alternatively, when selecting yes, you must choose the reward type. If you are sending Epoints you must enter the amount you wish to send. This amount will go to each recipient if you are sending your Ecard to more than one person. You can also choose to “Send a Gift,” and will be taken to another page where you can choose which gift from the Epoints store. For example, a £20 gift card from Asos.

Note: Your company has set up a maximum level of Epoints to give with an Ecard – you will receive an error if you exceed these levels.

4. Make It Personal

Thirdly, select which Ecard design you would like to send and enter a message for the recipient.

Once you’re happy, check the summary text below. If everything is OK, click ‘Send ecard’.