How to Nominate a Peer

Getting started with Each Person

1. Head to Nominate

First, select Nominate on the left hand side.

2. Choose who to Nominate

Then select whether you want to search for an individual or a whole team. To find an individual, type their name or email address into the search field. Alternatively, click ‘team’ if you want to search by department. Type the department name into the search field and select an individual or select all.

Matches will appear as you type, and you can select the correct names to add them.

If you want to notify someone about sending a nomination, you can CC their email directly into the field below.

3. How are you Nominating

Now you can choose your reason for nominating the individual from the drop-down menu.

Then choose which nomination award it is for, such as employee of the month or team member of the week. This will depend on the awards you or your manager have set up.

4. Writing a Nomination message

Next, enter a message. Here you can give more detail about why you want to nominate that person or department.

5. Sending the Nomination

Once you are happy with the options you have selected and your nomination message, hit ‘Send nomination’ at the end of the process, and you have completed your nomination.

Once you have completed it, we will notify the nominee of their nomination. Managers will receive a weekly email confirming all of the latest nominations.