Automated Milestones

Show gratitude for employees dedication and commitment automatically! 

From 6-month new starters to 10-year company veterans, businesses of all sizes need to reward their employees for their loyalty. 

We've made it easy to celebrate the milestones and show your people just how valued they really are with our long service award scheme. 

Employees want to be recognised, not only for the job they do but who they are as people. At Each Person, we make it simple to show employees how valued they are for their hard work and commitment by remembering important milestones such as Birthdays and Work Anniversaries. 

Almost half of the UK don’t offer any form of milestone appreciation. Don’t be that company that doesn’t appreciate their employees until its too late.

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Tax-Free Benefits

At Each Person we offer 'trivial benefits', employees are entitled to £50 tax-free benefits for a range of reasons that don’t relate to the employee’s performance in their role, these include Christmas gifts, birthdays, bereavements, wedding anniversaries and many more long service awards.   These tax-free rewards are simple yet powerful and can be easily administered using Each Person due to having to choose the ‘reason’ from a set of options that categorises the recognition and reward given. 

The Importance of Remembering a Birthday at Work

Remembering birthdays sounds like an easy task, but not when you’ve got a team of 15 two of which have the same birthday but one is on holiday!

Managers have enough on their plate as it is let alone the workplace politics of do we all put money to get a cake? Or shall we sign a card?

We’ve taken away the complications of workplace birthdays via the Each Person platform. Add company-branded ecards into the system and choose different ones to add for different events. 

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Automated Events 

Automate birthdays and other long service awards so you never miss an important moment. Set the amount of Epoints you wish to be sent for every award. For example, a 10-year long service award could be set in the system so they automatically get sent £100 worth of Epoints attached to a long service award ecard! 

People change jobs on average 12 times throughout their careers however most companies only reward staff for 5 year plus long service. Employees are always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities so it might make all the difference to show them you care with long service awards and ecards for events that mean the most to them.

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