How to Add a User Manually

Getting started with Each Person

1. Select ‘Admin’ on the left hand side

First, you need to select ‘Admin’ on the left hand side and then choose ‘Manage People’.

2. Add the new employee’s details

It is mandatory to fill in the employee’s email address (because this is what they will use to login). However, you can add other details at a later date.

3. Save the new employee’s details

Once you have finished, click ‘Add Person’. The page will refresh, and a message will show briefly at the top of the screen to confirm that the user has been added.
If this user is already in the system, an error message will show instead.

4. Bulk Upload (optional)

You can upload multiple new people at any given time using the ‘Bulk Upload’ section.

Top tip: to bulk upload, click ‘Bulk Upload’ and download our Bulk Upload template. You will now have access to an excel spreadsheet!

From here, you must fill in all new employee details such as name and employee number.

Once the form is complete and you have added all new members, save the sheet.

Now drag and drop it into the ‘Upload People’ section on our site. Finally press ‘Add People’.

5. Add Person via Browse People (optional)

You can also now add individual employees straight through the ‘Browse People’ page under ‘Reporting’ on the left hand side. To do this, click on the ‘+’ icon next to the table filters, which will show a popup to fill in the individual’s details.