17 Thoughtful Ways to Recognise Your People: Employee Recognition Day 2023

March 3rd marks Employee Recognition Day 2023

17 Thoughtful Ways to Recognise Your People: Employee Recognition Day 2023

Looking to retain, motivate and support your people? Employee recognition is the best way to encourage wellbeing, productivity and keep the best talent on your team.

When is Employee Recognition Day 2023?

March 3rd marks Employee Recognition Day 2023, but this practice should take place all the time within your business. Still, trying to figure out where to start? We have you covered. Find out why employee recognition is essential for your business and how you can get involved today.

Why is Employee Recognition Essential?

Employee recognition can be a simple ‘thank you’ note, a voucher, or a team event. As long as it’s genuine and not a quick box tick, gestures of recognition are valuable to your team. A study found that employees are 2.7 times more likely to be highly engaged if they believe they will be recognised for their contribution. Meaning staff praise and appreciation is beneficial for your business in many ways (1).

How do Employee Recognition Programs Work?

Employee recognition programs are the methods that you outline to recognise the accomplishments of your team. These can vary from small acts of appreciation to expansive gestures that uplift and inspire. Employees who feel valued are more likely to go the extra mile for your company.

Ultimately, employee recognition improves retention rates, keeping the best people in the business. A recent Gallup-Workhuman study showed that workers are 56% less likely to look for a new job when their organisation prioritises employee appreciation (2). Rewards, recognition and a focus on employee wellbeing can also help with recruitment and overall brand reputation (3).

Employee recognition also improves employee engagement, productivity, and performance. These show 14% higher in organisations with recognition programs than those without (3). Not only does this help your people feel a sense of purpose, value and collaboration within the workplace, but it can help with business expansion.

Create a culture of appreciation and wellbeing by refining your employee recognition programs. Start to place employee recognition at the forefront of your HR strategy and watch how the benefits transform your workplace.

Need help for ideas? Take a look at these 17 engaging and thoughtful ways to recognise your employees.

  1. Offer a Wellness Day (here at Each Person, we offer our employees 3)
  2. Write LinkedIn Recommendations
  3. Gift Personalised Company merch
  4. Recognise Individual Hobbies
  5. Gift Ecards + Vouchers
  6. Reward with Epoints, so your staff can shop for what they want and need
  7. Cover travel expenses for the day. Or sign up to Each Person for the unique diesel card perk (saving employees 40p per litre!)
  8. Highlight Accomplishments on Company Social Media
  9. Host a team brunch
  10. Plan an offsite family event with live music and food
  11. Offer a free gym or class membership
  12. Gift personalised gifts to each employee
  13. Create a team wall of fame
  14. Donate to a charity of their choice
  15. Bring your dog to work day
  16. Offer professional development opportunities
  17. Gift-free subscriptions for streaming or food delivery services

Are you ready to get started?

Join leading brands and embrace Each Person as a new approach to employee recognition. Leave any hassle at the door whilst integrating employee recognition into your HR strategy and company culture. Reach out to the team and find out how we can transform your business. Contact us today at support@eachperson.com and follow us on social media.


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By Ellie Pinder, Published March 02, 2023

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