How to Implement Genuine Sustainability Initiatives at Work

Top tips for putting your climate values into action!

How to Implement Genuine Sustainability Initiatives at Work

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘sustainability’?

Green plants filling the office, colour-coded recycling bins or an array of reusable coffee cups?

There are many small ways we can take eco-friendly approaches within the workplace. But when we look at the scale of the climate crisis we’re dealing with, it highlights how important it is for businesses to take bold, direct action. Especially, if they hope to operate in a genuine, sustainable way.

At Each Person, our eco-initiatives are at the core of what we do. So, in this post we’ll share tips for putting your climate values into action and how we ingrain sustainable practices into our workplace.

What are Sustainability Initiatives?

Sustainable initiatives are various approaches that aim to improve the chances of long-term success by promoting efficient and responsible resource use (1). These are practices that a business adopts to create a successful company without contributing to the depleting resources for future generations (1).

There are three key areas to focus on when developing your sustainability initiatives. Environmental, social and economic. 

Each of these allows you to focus on implementing policies that ensure your business uses resources in a responsible manner. And they help create a company that supports local communities and climate-positive projects (1). 

At Each Person, we not only have our own sustainability initiatives in place but we also empower other companies to align with their sustainability goals. Our Epoints system gives employees the chance to save on their shopping and support impactful climate projects. Providing these climate positive options helps fuel your company culture and integrate eco-focused values throughout your teams.

But if you’re thinking, “this sounds great, but my current company values aren’t very green” - what now?

How to Avoid Greenwashing?

It is important that you outline genuine sustainability initiatives that support your business vision whilst including eco-focused goals. Often, the two don’t go hand in hand. So, get clear on these values before going all-in on your new sustainable initiatives to avoid ‘greenwashing’.

Greenwashing is when an individual or a company misrepresents environmental benefits or practices. For example, a fast-fashion brand that packages clothes in recyclable bags whilst overusing natural resources to make the clothes in the first place.

Your actions must align with your initiatives. Otherwise this causes a lack of trust and can deter customers and future employees from your business. 

Avoid using vague language , release the need for perfection and put in the work to learn and evolve to avoid greenwashing within your business practices (2).

Each Person Sustainability Approach

Our vision at Each Person is to be the go-to mentor and enabler to help all businesses fulfil a commitment to their people and the planet. We put our values into tangible action and support other businesses to do the same. We are committed to sustainability in the workplace, from donating 5% of our profits to Carbon Footprint to giving employees the option to plant a tree and help save the planet (3).

This could be your business too.

Find out how Each Person can support your green initiatives and create your people and climate focused rewards and recognition scheme. Get in touch at today to learn more.

Written by Ellie Pinder


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