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Who's Entitled?

Eyecare Vouchers are distributed to make sure your people get the proper eye care they’re entitled to if they work on visual display units (VDUs).

Why It's Important?

Studies indicate that 70% of employees have encountered issues like blurred vision, headaches, or migraines due to prolonged computer usage at work. Despite the significance of ocular health, a UK worker survey revealed that one in five individuals has neglected an eye examination for five years.

In a survey conducted in August 2020 in the UK, 70% of respondents emphasised the importance of healthy eyes and vision in enhancing overall quality of life. Eyecare vouchers serve as a streamlined solution to ensure prompt and convenient access to the eyecare needed.

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For You

Simply place your order online through our platform. Once payment has been received, eVouchers will be promptly available for you to access and distribute to your people.

These eVouchers can be easily managed and delivered online, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

For Your People:

• Receive eVoucher from employer via email.
• Book an appointment online or by phone.
• Present eVoucher before the eye test.

We’ll take care of all the administration from then onwards and there’s no admin charge. It’s a simple, controllable and cost-effective scheme.

Any unused eVouchers can be returned for a full refund or replacement, provided you contact us up to 60 days after the expiry date.

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Full eye test

One pair of glasses from the £49 range or £49 towards glasses, when  required solely and specifically for VDU use

£20 off when purchasing from the £99 range with Premium Club

Who’s It For?

For employees engaged in extensive screen time with monitors, computers, and other VDUs, eyestrain can be a concern. Employers are legally obligated, under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992, to provide and finance eye examinations for employees using VDUs. If glasses are specifically required for VDU use, employers are also mandated to cover the costs of basic frames and lenses.