Salary Sacrifice for Electric Cars

Drive down prices on electric vehicles for your people while contributing to becoming Net Zero.

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Drive Away Care-Free in Your Dream EV 

The UK has announced its commitment to becoming Net Zero by 2050 and for all new cars sold to be 100% electric by 2035, so what better time to introduce an Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice scheme for your employees? 

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The Go-To Environmental Solution

The Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice scheme is here to accelerate your sustainability goals and allow your people to afford the car they’ve always wanted but perhaps couldn’t afford.Your people can choose any electric vehicle (subject to eligibility criteria) to lease on a 12-48 month contract with a maximum mileage of 30,000 p/a via a salary sacrifice set-up. As the sacrificed salary is not taxable, your people can save 30-60% on a brand-new electric vehicle.

Each Person’s Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice scheme works in four simple steps:‍

You and your people will be fully supported throughout the process with webinars, welcome emails, a handbook, and 1-2-1 employee support.

Management Review

Portal Setup & Service Agreement

Credit Assessment (leases only)

Scheme Launch

Electrifying Benefits 

As well as benefiting the planet, there are plenty of benefits for you and your people:

 · Find the best offers on the market for electric cars
 · A secure employer portal
 · A tax saving, BIK, NI and VAT calculator
 · An accessible payroll input
 · Straightforward annual impact reports
 · Group and 1-2-1 employee engagement
 · Customer success and specialist electric vehicle support
 · Draft HMRC notifications
 · Market-leading risk protection
 · Flexible subscription vehicles

Your people can take up to two cars on the salary sacrifice scheme (subject to employer approval and as long as their salary does not fall below minimum wage after deductions).
At the end of the salary sacrifice agreement period, the leasing provider may offer your people the option to purchase the car at a predetermined price or return it. They can also enter another agreement or exit if they wish.

Lead The Charge in Sustainability 

The Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice scheme offers an all-inclusive package with savings on everything your people need and want with their electric vehicle. A no-brainer decision for supporting your team and business sustainability goals.

Receive the best EV price on the market

Get first-rate protection if the lease ends early

Drive an interim EV while waiting for your dream car

Optional Additions:

Save on servicing, maintenance and breakdown cover

Quality comprehensive insurance

Get a home charger and installation