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Perks At Work

Give More
Than Gimmicks But Real Benefits That Make A Difference

Each Person helps you give more to your people. But what makes our offering different and a better fit?

There are lots of perks at work providers offering limited time offers for gyms and meals out. The challenge most employers face is that these solutions fail to retain the interest of your people on an ongoing basis and become a forgotten perk or are sidelined completely.

These perks miss the mark due to not catering for the diverse group of people using it, and for being here today gone tomorrow as perks are regularly changed. Most savvy shoppers in the workplace could find their own vouchers and get a better deal anyway, therefore, undermining the good intentions of their HR team.

Each Person has a different way of rewarding your people that gives them tangible value. Epoints, the reward exclusively provided by Each Person, goes beyond perks at work by taking a series of benefits to your people that they will value and can be used every single day to save money and time both online and in the high street.

Don’t take our word for it either as we’re hell-bent on showing you the true levels of engagement across your business through real-time HR Dashboards so you know which perks are being valued.

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Industry Endorsed

GlobalData, a leading research company carries out studies on consumer attitudes and insight. Epoints was identified as one of the 6 new transformative technologies for consumers in their recent study.

GlobalData listed three major consumer insights about Epoints:

Epoints had the highest likelihood to adopt a percentage of all 6 emerging technologies.

Over the next 5 years, an estimated 67% of shoppers would use to do their online shopping.

Having reviewed the market, they concluded there was no competitor to match Epoints’ proposition in terms of value offered to consumers.

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Perks At Work Explained

Perks At Work Explained

Get More, Pay Less

Get more, pay less with Epoints Cashback, the best way to save money for you and your people. Every time you shop for a product or instant gift card you’ll be rewarded with up to 10% back so you’re always better off than shopping direct.

The Fastest Way To Shop

Employee reward scheme
Epoints is the fastest way to shop across multiple retailers all in one place. Epoints provide members with a reliable, easy checkout that is 6x quicker than shopping direct.

Save While You Save

People want to work for employers who give back what they take from the environment and help safeguard future generations.

Collect Epoints When You Shop Elsewhere

Collect Epoints when you shop elsewhere across our network of 1500+ websites. Booking a Travelodge, or a train ticket you can collect Epoints on lots of popular websites without any hassle.

Essential Financial
Support For Your People.

With 17 million working-aged Brits with less than £100 in savings, it’s no wonder they struggle when unexpected expenses occur and many turn to loans carrying 50%-100% APR. Money-worries are a leading cause of stress. Stress leads to absence and low workplace productivity.

“70% of the UK’s working population is “chronically broke”
RSA, 2019

In order to solve these problems, we are introducing a savings solution for employees, at no cost to Employers, the Epoints Savings Club!


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Employee Vouchers

Employee Vouchers

Employees want to save online and in the high street so for those offline purchases, Employee Vouchers are a great way to go! We bring together all the best retailers and brands in an instant voucher format so your employees can spend them within seconds.

Non-Financial Perks

Perks at work with Each Person is different. Financial perks are always well received but employee value non-financial recognition, with 50% of people saying a simple thank you would make them feel more valued in the workplace. Ecards are a creative way to let your employees know that their efforts are being recognised.

We allow digital ecards to be sent ‘in the moment’ to your employee’s inbox to say thank you for your hard work. Ecards can also be sent from one employee to another and from employee to their manager. Everyone has good days and bad days, and with a thoughtful piece of recognition, you can make those bad days a little more enjoyable.

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We offer exportable reporting in the Each Person system to allow managers to view team activity in real time through a HR Dashboard format. By seeing data so transparently it highlights departments that are celebrating the success of their team members positively and those teams aren’t. Departments that aren’t recognising as often as they should require further education on the importance of making their team members feel appreciated. We help with providing support and collateral to make sure perks at work schemes are being used at every level of your organisation.


Each Person offers training through the form of online webinars, face to face demo sessions and training documents. We and Each Person to be the reason you and your employees enjoy coming to work by providing the best perks and work in the market.

If that wasn’t enough, Each Person goes even further!
Recognise more, for free, with a 10% reward pot increase. Each Person is the only platform that adds to your budget every time.

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