Tailored to Help Your Team Get Their Dream Getaway!
Each Person has collaborated with Inspire to enable your people to effortlessly pay for holidays in easy instalments deducted directly from their monthly salary. Help your team say goodbye to financial stress and hello to seamless holiday planning!

What’s the Process?

Let Them Plan
Your team can plan and request their dream holiday using Inspire’s offers such as flights, hotels, package holidays, cruises, and plenty more.

Give Your Approval
Once they have submitted their request to you, seamlessly provide your approval via our platform which will grant them a voucher to organise their ideal getaway.

Schedule Payment 
Your team will then easily spread their holiday payments over 10 to 12 monthly instalments, all within a limit set by you, the employer.

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Your Team Deserves the
Very Best!

That’s why we are here to help your people build their perfect break.
“A break from work will allow you and your people to switch off, de-stress, regain focus and re-energise. This is essential if you want to create a sustainable culture of productivity and happiness.” The Happiness Index

Simple & Seamless

Take advantage of this salary sacrifice and ensure your team gets the getaway they deserve. It has never been easier to make holidays an accessible option for everyone in your organisation!

No longer will they have to worry about hefty credit card bills or budgeting. And to top it off, all bookings made through Inspire are ATOL-protected, offering an added layer of peace of mind.

Excited to offer this fantastic benefit to your company? Simply register your interest below and let's kickstart the holiday fun!

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