Salary Sacrifice:Childcare

Make childcare an easy choice for your team!

Help New Parents!

Support new parents as they transition back to work by implementing a Workplace Nursery Salary Sacrifice scheme.

We understand the challenges new parents face when returning to work, especially with the daunting task of finding suitable childcare. Make a positive impact by assisting your employees in navigating and financially planning for childcare needs.

What Does It Involve?

With the Each Person Workplace Nursery scheme, your people can save between 30-50% on childcare fees for children aged 0-5, through a ‘salary exchange’ process. Resulting in savings on National Insurance and Income Tax, ultimately helping to lower childcare costs.

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How Does it Work?

The process is simple, and your people are supported at every stage!

🅰 Onboarding
Agree on terms and design preferences with your customer success manager to start building your bespoke platform.

🅱 Communication
Benefit from savings calculation, webinars, nursery outreach, and streamlined salary sacrifice contract administration.

🅲 Ongoing Management
Enjoy hassle-free monthly reporting, effective employee communication, and proactive nursery engagement, with precise management of direct debits and fund allocations

When it’s so easy, why would you say no? Give your people support when they need it most.

Why Should You Get Involved?

The Each Person Workplace Nursery scheme helps parents afford the childcare they need, and it also comes with plenty of benefits for employers and nurseries!

Increase Loyalty
Supported employees are more loyal to their employer

Retain Talent
Keep your people in the business and their families happy

Improve Inclusivity
Help families access the support they need


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will I Save as an Employer?

The overall amount will depend on how many employees opt for childcare salary sacrifice scheme. For each one, you will pay around £1,250 less in employers’ National Insurance (NI) per year. For each employee accepted into the scheme, the scheme provider charges a one-off £25 processing fee and a monthly subscription of £10 – leaving a potential annual saving of more than £1,000 per head.

Can Any Employer Use This Scheme?

Yes. The advantage of our childcare salary sacrifice scheme is that it can be adopted by any employer of any type or size – from just a couple of people  to workforces numbered in the thousands. Our scheme can be used by businesses, public sector bodies and third sector organisations, including charities.

How Do I Set Up A Salary Sacrifice?

Whether you’re an employer or employee, we will help you every step of the way. All you need to do is fill in the form and we’ll facilitate the entire process. This involves setting up childcare payments through the company payroll, and arranging for the correct sums to be transferred to the childcare provider. We’ll support the administrative process and liaise with the provider.