We are delighted to announce that Each Person will be launching very soon! Your company believes that everyone matters, which is why we're sending some exciting rewards and recognition your way.
You will soon be able to make use of the Each Person platform –
but for now, here's a taster of what's to come…

So, What To Expect?


Save your people hundreds of £'s every year with exclusive access to Epoints for FREE! Usually an Epoints membership costs £100 to join plus £24 a year. Each of your people get a free Epoints membership as part of your license fee.


Showcase team and individual success through our streamlined and fully featured ‘nominations’ capability. Free up your time by removing the admin involved with gathering nominations, selecting winners, announcing winners and awarding prizes.


See your company build its recognition culture first hand in real-time with Each Person. Not all rewards and recognition providers make reporting easy. At Each Person, we believe it’s our responsibility to give you total visibility of how the program has landed within your business.


Recognise more, for free, with a 10% reward pot increase. Each Person is the only platform that adds to your budget every time. Additionally, you can assess your budgets at any time to stay on top of your rewards.

Wellbeing Hub

Be it financial, mental or physical health our Wellbeing Hub is the perfect place for your people to easily access the information they need to navigate these areas. By supporting your people in this way you’re bettering their lives and building stronger relationships in the process.


Saying thank you for your hard work is the secret to creating an incredible company culture. Authentic, 'in the moment' thanks is proven to have an extraordinary effect on the morale, productivity and loyalty of your people.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at support@epoints.com

We can’t wait for you to join us!

From the Each Person & Epoints Team