Perks At Work

Perks At Work

Putting choice in the employees’ hands.

Despite best intentions, many corporate employee award schemes fail to capture their staffs’ imaginations and are often quietly phased out without giving employees the perks at work they deserve. A key reason for this is that the rewards available simply don’t resonate with the worker. Today’s workforce is increasingly diverse in taste and interest, with an increasing number of people favouring experiences and products they can choose for themselves over old school rewards.

Perks at work with Each Person is different. Employees can spend their points on thousands of different items and experiences. So whether it’s Air pods or zip wires there will be a reward to suit them. 

Always better off

We believe Epoints members and employees are always better off when they shop with us.

Change the way you and your workforce shop online for good with Each Person and Epoints.


perks at work

Popular Epoints categories include…

Simple, competitively priced and flexible perks at work scheme

Employers can tailor their corporate employee reward range, and highlight offers that might be particularly relevant to their workforce. Companies can also add their own products to the reward range to make a perk at work more of an incentive that isn’t part of a salary or wage but still has value. 

Employees can redeem their Epoints for a reward when they have as few as 250 Epoints, the equivalent of £1.25. Epoints products are priced to offer unmatched value for money. We also source exclusive offers on products, which employees would be unable to access anywhere else on the high street.