Employee recognition with Epoints

No two employees have exactly the same interests and motivations. So it can sometimes be tricky, and time-consuming to do employee recognition right and find the perfect way to say thanks.

With Epoints employers can be confident that the reward will be appreciated and valued. Whether an employee is a thrill-seeker or a bookworm, Epoints can be exchanged for an almost limitless range of fantastic products and unforgettable experiences for the perfect way to show employee recognition.

Employee recognition outside the workplace

Employers can attach Epoints to ecards, which are deposited instantly into an employee’s Epoints account.
But along with being awarded with Epoints in the workplace via the Each Person scheme, they can also be collected through a range of simple everyday activities. Employees can shop online at over 1000 retailers and at 85,000+ physical stores, as well as this receive a free gift on us after every purchase.

Points can quickly add up

Our research shows that some employee recognition schemes fail because of the time and effort needed to gain even the smallest reward. However, by collecting Epoints in the workplace through the Each Person scheme, as well as outside through a range of simple everyday activities, Epoints can quickly be accrued. This encourages high levels of engagement from employees, who can spend their points on anything from restaurants, holidays and shopping vouchers to electronics, beauty and gaming.

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Saving explained





1. Original RRP & Retailer prices:

We are constantly checking prices, comparing all the major retailers so you never miss out on a bargain. With typical price comparison savings of £20 an order what have you got to lose!

2. Your Epoints balance:

Use the Epoints you’ve collected or been awarded at work to get money-off the product price. You’re always better off with Epoints!

3. Removing / Adding your Epoints balance:

You can choose to save your Epoints up for a future bigger purchase by clicking the button next to your Epoints Balance.

4. What you pay & Epoints Cashback:

Taking into account your Epoints balance and any price comparison savings we show you clearly what you have to pay. We also show you the Epoints Cashback you’ll get to spend next time ranging from 5%-10% depending on the retailer!