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11 Mar 2021

How you can reward the working mums in your company

A massive 75% of women with dependent children are in employment, and juggling work and family life cannot be easy! With that in mind, this Mother’s Day why don’t you reward the working mums in your company.

Here are some ways you could use rewards and recognition on Mother’s Day

Recognise their hard work with an Ecard

A great way to start is with an Ecard. Sending an Ecard to say thank you for your hard work is incredibly easy because you can send them from anywhere in a few clicks. Having a range of exciting designs to choose from allows you to remain diverse and inclusive. 69% of employees suggest that they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognised, therefore sending an Ecard will increase workers efficiency.

Secondly, Ecards are an incredibly eco-conscious way to send recognition in the workplace, so if your company is looking to improve its carbon footprint and help the environment, Ecards are a great scheme to implement.

Duvet day with kids in half terms

Give the working mums in your company a duvet day with their family during half term. Quality time allows them to see their children and recuperate from the long weeks. As a result, they return feeling refreshed and appreciated, ready to face the work ahead.

Money off their food shopping 

Meanwhile, family food shops can take a massive chunk out of monthly pay-checks. As an employer, you could send them an employee voucher from one of the UK’s top supermarkets. Subsequently, vouchers are a valuable and simple way to recognise working mums.

Send Epoints so they can choose their reward

Avoid traditional presents, for instance, flowers and chocolates. Instead, send some Epoints to a working mum so they can choose their gift or save them up for something more substantial. Gift’s to employees don’t have to be predictable, Each Person’s rewards and recognition scheme offer over half a million products to choose from.

In short, there are a number of perks and work you can offer to benefit everyone. To find out more about how Each Person can improve your rewards and recognition scheme, visit: or contact us at

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