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14 Mar 2022

Why We Care About Rihanna Donating to Climate Justice Groups

Earlier this year, Rhianna, singer and CEO of Fenty Beauty, joined teams with Jack Dorsey,  former Twitter CEO, to donate $15 million to a cluster of 18 different climate justice groups.   All this was made possible by Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation, set up to support climate resilience and justice in the U.S. and the Caribbean. 

Here are some examples of the climate justice groups Rihanna helped: 

The Caribbean Climate Justice Project 
CCJP seeks to raise awareness and educate broadly on the threats to communities across the Caribbean caused by climate change.

Indigenous Environmental Network
IEN builds the capacity of Indigenous communities and tribal governments and economically sustainable communities.

Rihanna’s recent pregnancy has helped solidify these ideas telling Allure: ‘Pregnancy makes me look at being more sustainable’. Having such a prolific public figure advocate for climate justice groups is significant in raising awareness of climate change’s complex issues.

Why Each Person Care About Climate Justice Groups

Here at Each Person, we understand the impact we are all having on the climate crisis. Therefore, being kind to the planet is one of our top priorities. 

The IPCC says that without action, the planet will endure a 1.5°C increase in temperature that will cause catastrophic damage to already fragile ecosystems, animal wellbeing and even humanity. We know that there is no plan b for planet earth! 

What We Do To Help

We know we can tackle climate change in a day, but we can all do our bit for the planet. For this reason, we donate 5% of our profits to help fund eco-projects and climate justice groups that fight climate change through the power of trees! Additionally, we enable our clients and their employees to do the same and donate eco-points to plant trees and save the world one seed at a time. 

What’s more, we want to become carbon neutral by the end of 2022, solidifying our promise to the planet. 

How To Help Climate Justice Groups

You may be thinking, “but I don’t have $15 million”, that’s ok. Most people don’t. But it’s about doing everything that you can to help. Small changes make a big difference.

Here’s a list of five simple things you can do to help:

  • Donate to climate justice groups
  • Stop using single plastics
  • Go vegan 
  • Use public transport, cycle or walk
  • Change your shopping habits to include climate-conscious brands

In short, here at Each Person, the planet is fundamental to our ethos. Everything we do includes ways in which we can benefit the earth. Hence why we celebrate the choices Rihanna and anyone else makes.

To find out more about how we help looks after your people and the planet, contact us at 


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