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15 Oct 2021

Squid Game: What Can HR Learn From the Popular Thriller?

We’ve seen an incredible reaction to the Korean Netflix Drama Squid Game. Even with mixed reviews, it’s hard to ignore the dystopian thriller. It is everywhere, including the professional social media platform LinkedIn. Whatever your opinion, there are many lessons we can all take away from Squid Game, even those of us in HR. 

Side note, don’t worry, there are no spoilers.

Let’s take a look at what HR can learn from Squid Game.

1. Strategy is everything

Without a strategy, you could fall short of your goals and targets. Think carefully and come up with clever ideas on how to look after your team and, therefore, your company. Whether you’re focusing on a new employee reward scheme or a different way to manage information, strategic thinking will help you build success.

2. Teamwork only works when everyone is honest.

Teamwork is indispensable in Squid Game. Even more so to company culture, employee relationships and overall productivity. However, without truthful communication, we fall short on meaningful connections. Therefore, your people will suffer from lower employee engagement and feel unappreciated and even anxious.

3. Money doesn’t equal happiness.

Repeat again; money doesn’t equal happiness. We’ve learnt over the last year that people want more than just a good salary. Even those on higher pay brackets require more from their employers. Offering better, inclusive perks at work will help you create a happier workforce. Squid Games solidifies this point more than ever.

Furthermore, financial wellbeing is something on everyone’s mind, including those in Squid Game. Here at Each Person, we’ve got the secret to saving your people money. We provide a standalone savings facility, which complements your current benefits providers at no cost to you as an employer and no cost to your employees. 

4. Emotional connection drives us.

Those who have watched Squid Game will know how emotionally connected you got to some of the characters. But that can relate in the workplace too. When your people are emotionally involved with their workplace, they work harder and more productively. Additionally, they have higher levels of workplace wellbeing. 

5. Kindness goes a long way.

Being kind to your people is crucial to employee wellbeing. A recent study found that those in a respectful and caring environment were 30% more likely to feel motivated and enthusiastic about acquiring new skills and being exposed to new ideas. Imagine what the right rewards and recognition could do for you and your people. 

We know Squid Game isn’t the bible of HR, and it may not even be something you want to watch. However, these five lessons are critical to the longevity and happiness of your people. 

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