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4 Feb 2021

Tips to stay positive in the workplace

Workplace positivity and keeping an optimistic attitude 24/7 hasn’t been easy since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, one of the many challenges business owners and employees have faced over recent months has been maintaining workplace positivity and continuing to have an upbeat positive culture and mindset. With reduced social interactions and adjusting to working from home, it is important for businesses to encourage different ways to boost employee morale and to maintain workplace positivity.

Check out some of our ideas on how to beat the lockdown blues and keep up workplace positivity.

Have a good morning routine

Having a structured morning routine is important as it sets you up for the day, improves focus and productivity and reduces stress! You don’t need to be a morning person to get a good morning routine, find out what works for you, whether it be listening to a podcast on your way to work or making a to-do list for the day ahead, take time to experiment and find a routine that works for you!

Build relationships with those around you

Your working environment will be much more enjoyable if you get along with your colleagues, a friendly community at work will make you feel more supported day to day, it has been a tough year already and it is important we look after ourselves and others. You may be thinking how can I build relationships now we have moved to remote working? Stay in touch with one another, check-in daily this may be by sending a simple ‘How’s things?’  It doesn’t always have to be work-related, sometimes it’s nice to just have a chat!

Take a lunchtime walk

Walking releases endorphins! A simple 10-minute walk has been proven to boost moods and fight stress. Taking a brisk stroll on your lunch break is a great way to get your body moving, clear your head and increase workplace positivity when returning to your desk, not to mention getting fresh air can help you focus more and feel healthier, so get those steps in and those endorphins pumping!

Spread some love with Ecards

A fast and simple way to spread some workplace positivity is to give some praise, it is super quick and easy to make someone’s day and spread the love at work! Ecards are a great way to show appreciation, and let an employee or colleague know their efforts are being recognised, appreciated and rewarded! We all have our good and bad days, make someone’s day by surprising them with an Ecard!

If you want to find out more about reward and recognition in the workplace keep an eye out for our Each Person weekly blog posts:

Reward yourself

Rewards have been proven to make people stay motivated and focused on their goals, everyone loves a bit of self-gratification! If you have a stressful day at work and feel yourself slipping into a bad mood, a good tip is to build rewards into your everyday work plan, so there’s something great waiting for you on the other side of a stressful task. It could be as simple as treating yourself to your favourite food at lunch, or deciding you’re going to treat yourself to a take away for dinner!  Knowing you have something to look forward to, big or small has been proven to make people feel happier and increase workplace positivity.


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