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small gestures at work
29 Sep 2022

Small Gestures: Make a Difference at Work

Small gestures at work can be used as a way to recognise employees.

Reward and recognition is key to retaining employees and attracting new hires.  Employees who feel rewarded or recognised for their hard work tend to be more satisfied and engaged with their team. However, some companies don’t have the budget to provide huge perks for their staff. In replacement, small gestures are a guaranteed way to make employees feel good about themselves without the price tag.

Here are some suggestions of small gestures that you can implement in your workplace: 

Thank your employees

The power of saying ‘thank you’ to your employees is underestimated. Small gestures are a symbol of recognition and a reminder that someone is part of a team where they feel appreciated. If someone feels appreciated, they are much more likely to say thank you to others, therefore, creating a positive work culture. Each Person allows you to say thank you to your staff with ease. Through the platform, you can send personalised ecards to colleagues as well as recognising them for their hard work. This feature is integrated in your favourite work platforms such as Slack and Facebook Workplace. 

Make them Coffee or Host a Lunch

One simple, small gesture that you can utilise to express gratitude is to get your colleagues a cup of coffee. On Each Person’s platform, you can purchase instant coffee vouchers from retailers such as Costa for up to £75 and receive up to 9.5% cashback. What’s more is you can add vouchers to someone’s thank you ecard. This is easy to use; users can download the QR code to their phone wallet. 

With Macmillan Coffee Morning approaching (30th September 2022), it is the perfect opportunity for you to give back to your staff while contributing to a charity. Why not find time to host your own office coffee morning (it doesn’t have to be on Friday) and get everyone to bring in their homemade cakes?

Celebrate Employee Milestones

It goes without saying that employee awards are always appreciated. You can showcase team or individual success through Each Person’s nomination feature. Take time to announce them at company meetings and share the story as to why the employee received the award. It can be as simple as nominating someone as Employee of the Month to Star of the Week. Additionally, you can add a gift (big or small) to their award just so that they feel that extra bit of appreciation!

Take interest in your employees outside of the regular office chit chat. Ask them about their family, plans at the weekend and birthdays. You can celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries by sending your colleague a personalised birthday ecard on Each Person’s platform! 

Each Person Can Help You Create A Positive Work Culture

Each Person platform enables you to carry out these small gestures. Saying thank you for your hard work not only proves that you care about your employee’s professional development but also their self-esteem and confidence. You can learn more about our mission to help you reward and recognise your people on our website.

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