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10 Mar 2021

The impact of remote people management

As a large number of companies are now looking to leave their workforce at home after COVID-19, 91% of people are said to consider remote management slightly or entirely different from face-to-face management. In the UK, employers expect the proportion of regular home workers to double, from 18% pre-pandemic to 37% post-pandemic.

Businesses around the world are starting to think about alternative ways to structure management styles.

In January 2021 research suggested that 55% of companies reported spending more time on people management activities. The most effective management style within a remote environment was a ‘collaborative approach’ here clear objectives are discussed and set together. The most unpopular management style was a ‘delegative’ hands-off approach where individuals are left to make their own decisions, researchers have found that this is generally the leadership style that leads to the lowest productivity.

A collaborative management style is effective in building relationships and creating a productive workplace with a strong sense of purpose. In collaborative workplaces information is shared regularly helping each employee find opportunities to develop and support one another. The collaborative leadership style allows each team member to focus on their strengths, gives the ability to learn from each other, work together, and solve problems as part of a team, this creates an inviting workplace and a closer team which in turn generates an engaged working environment that boosts employee morale and makes for a more connected and productive workforce.

82% of respondents said that frequent check-ins and one-to-ones were the most important management techniques within a remote working environment. Additionally, 58% said providing recognition and praise was more important within the current remote climate, as well as taking a personal interest in an individual and making sure they are well supported. As face to face interactions are limited due to the pandemic recognising and rewarding achievements, setting clear goals and adopting an empathetic approach is vital in keeping employees motivated and engaged within the virtual workplace.

Employee recognition is one of the more important tools at a manager’s disposal.

Here at Each Person, we offer ways to reward and recognise your people and make employees feel more valued and appreciated at work. A study from Each Person found that when asked what would make them feel more valued in the workplace, 51% of employees said a simple thank you.

Here at Each Person, we help businesses provide perks at work for their employees  including employee vouchers, by showing them appreciation in a positive and engaging way. Ecards are a simple and effective method to send a motivating message to a colleague and say thank you for your hard work.

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