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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use v1.4

Last Updated: 29th July 2020


At Epoints, we believe it’s important for our members to understand how the Epoints reward scheme can be used. These are the Epoints terms of use. They tell you:

  • What we specifically mean by the terms we use
  • How you can collect Epoints and redeem them for rewards
  • The rules for using the Epoints programme
  • How data is handled

It’s a summary of your rights and responsibilities – important stuff.
We’ve tried to make these terms as simple as possible to understand but please contact us if anything’s not clear. Please read these Terms of Use and check for updates as the latest version always applies. We’ll usually only make updates when we have to – for example, if we introduce a new element to the scheme or need to make changes to comply with new laws.

It’s a summary of your rights and responsibilities – important stuff.
We’ve tried to make these terms as simple as possible to understand but please contact us if anything’s not clear. Please read these Terms of Use and check for updates as the latest version always applies. We’ll usually only make updates when we have to – for example, if we introduce a new element to the scheme or need to make changes to comply with new laws.

When these terms apply

Before you become a member of the Epoints reward scheme, ensure that you have read these terms. Whenever you use our services, you agree to these terms of use. Usage of our service also indicates that you are satisfied with the conditions laid out in our Privacy and Cookies policy. If you haven’t already, we recommend that you read this as well as these Terms of Use.

If you break the rules listed here, we may suspend your membership or terminate your Epoints reward scheme account. If this happens, you will lose access to your account’s Epoints balance and won’t be able to redeem them for any rewards. Therefore, it’s important to understand these terms and be aware of the rules that you must follow.

When other terms apply

Separate terms can apply when you:

1. Epoints Rewards is accessed or utilised
The Each Person recognition scheme utilises a reward scheme called Epoints. When your employees are added to Each Person they automatically gain an Epoints Rewards Membership through which they can receive rewards, recognition and can shop to gain Epoints Cashback. Full terms and conditions for the Epoints Membership applies and can be found here:

2. Choose to apply for any additional services
This includes instances such as entering a taking advantage of salary advance or loans through salary. If there are extra terms, we’ll always inform you of these and make these available to you.

What we mean

To make the terms easier to understand we’ve listed out what we mean by the words we use to describe the scheme:

  1. Customer” or “You”: Any Company registering with the Each Person recognition scheme.
  2. Each Person” or “Scheme”: The brand of Recognition scheme. Through Each Person you will be able to administer the recognition scheme such as sending ecards, reporting on scheme engagement and giving rewards to employees.
  3. IAT”: The Company who owns and operates the Each Person brand. IAT (Instant Access Technologies Limited, company number: 04585101 are ISO 27001 certified which is the highest standard of ISO certification.
  4. Epoints Reward Scheme”: The Reward scheme that is utilised through Each Person. Epoints can be given to employees and redeemed for rewards. When you pay for and give Epoints to your employees through Each Person, they will automatically receive an extra amount of Epoints equalling 10% of the value you give them.
  5. Epoints” or “points”: Epoints have a set value which does not change. One epoint is worth £0.005 (or 0.5p), so 200 Epoints are worth £1.00. Points are inclusive of VAT when sold directly to an Epoints Member and exclusive of VAT when sold to Employers using the Each Person recognition scheme..
  6. We”, “Us” or “Our”: Use of these terms refers to Each Person the brand or IAT the company who owns and operates the Each Person brand.
  7. Website”: This refers to the Each Person official website at and which is the associated URL for administering the recognition scheme.
  8. BDM”: Business Development Manager (BDM) are the team who work directly with Customers that do not sign up on the website.

Terms for using the Each Person recognition scheme

Here’s a summary of the rules in place to prevent you (and us) from getting into trouble. Breaches of these rules will result in your Company recognition scheme being suspended or removed and the Epoints Memberships for your employees being lost along with any points balances – please respect the rules as they’re here to make the recognition scheme works for everyone!

The following rules apply:

1. Do not try and cheat the scheme

By this, we mean do not carry out actions that the scheme wasn’t designed for or isn’t asking you to do such as:

· Hacking us or attempting to breach our security measures in any way.
· Tricking the scheme into giving you more Epoints Memberships for your employees that you have paid for by any method or means.

2. Do not harm or offend other people

This means that when you’re using the scheme, do not:

· Damage our reputation by associating us with sexism, racism or any other type of discrimination in your use of recognition
· Harass or upset people using our ecard capability (for example, by using offensive or obscene language)

3. Be yourself when using the scheme

Unless given express permission by Each Person, do not:

· Use a false identity or false contact details when using the scheme
· Use the scheme if you’re under 18 years old
· Recreate the scheme or copy the way it looks
· Use our brands, trademarks or logos unless within the context provided by the Each Person recognition scheme such as comms assets provided on the Each Person website

How The Scheme Operates

Registration to the scheme
In order to participate in the scheme you must register for a Company account. You can either register directly through our website or by engaging with a BDM.

You may register directly through our website providing you are:

· Over 18 years old
· Have an operational email address
· Work for a Company with UK employees
· Looking to adopt a recognition scheme for your Company employees
· Have permission to add your Company employees either through their employment contracts, under legitimate interest or through express consent

Once you have registered with us, you will receive a verification email to confirm your account. Clicking the link within the verification email allows you to set a password. Please keep this password safe as it’s required to access your recognition scheme account and to setup the scheme.

Scheme setup
Using the website you will need to complete the following steps. Steps are subject to change and may be added to, edited or removed:

· Give your scheme a name, assign default passwords for your employees to use on their first use, and uploading your company logo
· Upload your own Company ecards or use the default set provided
· Add your Company values or reasons you want recognition or reward to be given
· Add your Company hierarchy by listing out the department structure
· Pay for the number of employees you want to have in your scheme. Your payment details are not stored by us.
· Add employees to your scheme associating them with different departments in your Company hierarchy

When you follow the correct steps your scheme will be setup and ready to use. This will give you access but not limited to the following features:

Sending ecards.
Ecards can be sent from Managers to employees which they will receive via email. Peer-to-peer ecards can also be sent employee to employee on

Nominating for an award.
If enabled, Managers can nominate employees to win an award such as Employee of the Month. Peer-to-peer nominations can also be given on Viewing nominations and picking winners can also be managed within Each Person.

Sending rewards.
Only Managers can send rewards within Each Person. This can be sending an amount of Epoints or picking specific products to send as a reward which can be claimed by the employee on

Paying us

Customers can purchase Epoints to award to their employees. Epoints are sold in bundled amounts and can be purchased using VISA, Mastercard or PayPal. We never store any credit or debit card details on our servers and payments are processed securely using SSL encryption, the same standard of security used at online banks and other major online retailers.

Points sold are VAT exclusive to Customers. VAT invoices are available. Employers purchasing Epoints or paying for Membership for their employees will be charged plus VAT in all cases and are charged by Epoints Rewards Limited.

Payments for membership are charged annually based upon the price listed on the website. These prices are exclusive of VAT and VAT will be added when you pay.

Use of data

You take data security and privacy very seriously. IAT who operate the scheme are ISO 27001 certified and our technology uses SSL encryption to secure data. Your data never leaves the UK and is only handled in accordance with facilitating the scheme. When you add employees to the scheme you must have consent to do so either through their employment contract, due to legitimate interest of getting access to a Company benefit or from written consent. If you have any questions or concerns about how data is held or how IAT as the Data Controller and Processor handle your Company data email us at using subject line: Recognition scheme use of data.

Cancelling the scheme

You can cancel your recognition scheme at any time. To do so contact with the subject line: Cancel Recognition Scheme. The only person who can cancel the scheme is the person who initially registered and therefore the email must come from the same address.

Our support team will then be in touch to outline the steps to remove your scheme. All Company data will be removed when the scheme is cancelled but employees will retain their Epoints memberships albeit at a reduced level of benefit as the Company is no longer paying. The main idea is to allow your employees time to spend any Epoints they may have been given or collected.

We are unable to refund any annual Membership fees once paid as this fee includes us waiving the upfront joining fee for employees to gain access to

Final terms

Below is a quick recap, and a few additional legal points:

· If you use the scheme on behalf of a business, that business agrees to these terms. This means that your business must abide by these terms.
· As stated earlier, ensure that you read these terms before using the scheme. When you use the scheme, you’re agreeing to:
· These terms of use
· Our privacy and cookies policy
· Any other terms that we’ve let you know about
· This is a contract between you and us. No one else has any rights to enforce its terms
· English law governs these terms and only English courts can make judgements about them
· The scheme is made available to you by Each Person but the terms of Epoints rewards limited also apply