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9 Dec 2021

Why the Festive Season is the Perfect Time for Team Building.

The festive period is one of community and giving back to those around you, which is why we believe that it is the perfect time to engage in team building activities with your company. Team building is vital for communication and can act as a thank you for your employees’ hard work and dedication around this time of the year. 

This blog will discuss the positives of team building and how it can help your business, particularly during this festive season. 

The Benefits of Team Building

One of the first things team building does is build trust and relationships between co-workers. The better a team knows each other, the better their communication at work. It allows companies to understand each other better in a non-work environment without the stresses or constraints of work life. Equally, the more your staff trust each other, the easier it will be to open up and bring issues to the forefront, which is good for employee wellbeing

Additionally, if your employees work well together as a team, that means increased productivity and efficiency. If work relationships are strong, they will feel more inclined to help each other out where needed. Furthermore, the more a company works as a team, the more you learn from each other and push each other to grow. Team building can also increase workplace creativity and problem-solving due to the pooling of ideas. 

Making Team Building Fun

It can be easy to do team building without thinking about what you and your company are getting out of it. You want the workplace benefits, but you also want to allow your team to enjoy themselves. Creating a good work-life balance is essential to productivity and employee satisfaction. Incorporating team-building activities can be a way of looking after your employees’ wellbeing. 

Equally, you want to have fun. Incorporating small changes into the workplace can build morale and allow employees to connect outside of work discussions. Even if it involves work, there are ways of making tasks more enjoyable and productive. Try setting a competition, perhaps with a small incentive, to help motivate staff to create their best work. 

Festive Ideas

The festive season is an excellent opportunity to participate in team-building activities. Even if those activities are small, they can add much-needed group bonding. For example, you could have a festive jumper day. Ideas that can be done at work are simple ways to cause conversations between employees and create a positive work environment. There are a lot of ideas you could consider that don’t cost much or anything. 

Equally, having a party or meal can be a good way of showing employees their company values them and wants to give back. Or perhaps, a team ‘Secret Santa’ or festive gift-giving is an enjoyable way for your employees to show each other they care, set to suit everyone’s budget to avoid unnecessary financial stress. 

Rewards and Recognition

Another way to show your staff you appreciate their hard work is by implementing some form of perks at work. Offering your staff rewards and recognition can be a great way to show you care about your staff and want to go that little bit further. Employee reward schemes help productivity and staff morale. Equally, staff that feel valued are far more likely to stay at a company long-term. 

Company Culture

Team building, among other things, helps create a positive environment and company culture. Positive company culture creates a reputation for your business that can get you noticed by new staff. 46% of job seekers who didn’t apply for a job they considered said it was down to the company culture. Treating your team members well sets the tone for those looking into the business and those already in it. 

Consider ways you and the company could show your appreciation for your team over the festive season. Team building and other positive employee recognition will help your staff and equally help your business. Employee wellbeing is key to a businesses success. 

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