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14 Jun 2021

How to Support the Working Dads in Your Company

Father’s Day comes around every year, and it’s important to celebrate the working dads in your company. Whether they’re full-time or part-time, their hard work is essential.

Jeremy Davies, head of communications at the Fatherhood Institute, believes “it’s important that employers recognise men’s fatherhood because that results in happier, more productive male employees.” With the employment rate of men in the UK at 78.2 percent, we see that men are a large percentage of the workforce and are crucial to the economy. Therefore, rewards and recognition for Fathers should be doubly important to keep them happy, motivated and productive.

Here at Each Person, we know how vital it is to look after your people and keep your team thriving. Including the working dads you employ. For this reason, we have a few manageable and easy to implement ideas to support the fathers in your team.

Employee Vouchers for working dads

Having effective perks at work can help support and encourage working dads. For example, using employee vouchers as a way to reward is a multifaceted option. Vouchers aid financial wellbeing as well as offering a way for employees to choose their reward. In addition, they are a perfect way to say thank you for your hard work and make sure your people feel appreciated.

Recognise the F word

Simply using the word parent can lead to the assumption that you are discussing mothers and not fathers. Davies says: “Use the ‘F’ word – father – as ‘parent’ is too easily understood as mother,” and “be rigorous about challenging gender stereotypes wherever they occur.”

Working Dads Need Time Off

Understanding that fathers time away from work to look after and care for their children is key. Giving easy access to holidays will allow working dads time to rest and enjoy themselves away from work. Hence, they will return with high spirits and more energy.

Father of the Month

Employee of the month is something everyone is familiar with. However, it can be successfully made new and exciting simply by changing its premise. Father of the month offers a way to recognise working dads within your company in a fair manner. Each Person have a manageable, digital and enjoyable employee of the month scheme that removes the admin heavy processes.

Flexibility for working dads 

As the UK navigates Covid-19, we see a shift in the way in which we work. A perfect opportunity to give working dads flexibility with hours, shifts and patterns. Furthermore, fathers need to be flexible for the school run, holidays and events. Thus, enabling flexibility will help your people stay happy and unstressed. Claire McCartney, diversity and inclusion adviser at the CIPD, believes that companies need to remove the stigma from men and their parenthood. McCartney says: “Ensure senior leaders talk about their flexible working patterns and managers share what it feels like to be a new father. All this will hopefully normalise the agenda as much as possible.”

Overall, no one should take fatherhood lightly. Instead, it should be respected and understood. Working dads within your company need to be recognised for their hard work. Therefore, making their work-life better, manageable and inclusive.

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