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International HR Day
20 May 2022

Say Thank you on International HR Day

It’s International HR Day! Friday 20th of May marks a day to celebrate the fabulous HR teams that aid, inspire and coach many individuals within any given company. 

According to CIPD, the size of people’s professions grew by 17% between 2009 to 2018. It even accounts for around 1.6% of the total workforce. It has since grown due to considerable demand in public, banking and financial services. Many believe this to have been a direct result of the falling unemployment rate and the need for better employee engagement, diversity, and inclusivity. 

It’s not news that many individuals can fall short of praise, recognition and appreciation. Many of them are HR professionals who work tirelessly behind the scenes. So, what can we all do to make their job a little better today?

How to say thank you for your hard work on International HR Day

Just under 40% of HR professionals feel that their current rewards and recognition programmes are not as effective as they could be. In other words, they feel underappreciated and unrecognised. International HR Day is the perfect opportunity to make amends.

Send an Ecard on International HR Day

A quick, fun and easy way to thank someone in HR is to send them an Ecard. Here at Each Person, you can send customisable and even animated Ecards in under 30 seconds! That’s quicker than making a cup of tea. 

Instead of sending an actual card that will probably be thrown away (we cannot recycle most greeting cards), you can send one of our Ecards to make it eco too! 

Nominate your favourite HR professional

Many employee reward schemes fail to see the importance of employee of the month or any other award! Here at Each Person, you can send a nomination to multiple people for any given reason set by your company. International HR Day is a great reason to nominate any number of HR professionals in your team.

Send a gift on International HR Day

What about a small gift on International HR Day? Say it with flowers, chocolates, maybe even stationary! Whatever you choose, it will make a HR professional’s day. 

At Each Person, you can even send Epoints with an Ecard to make it an instant gift that they can choose for themselves! 

All in all, International HR Day is significant to keep the whole team running and happy. Why not put a smile on someone’s face today. 

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