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1 Sep 2021

How to Get Your People to Return to The Office

With the Summer of 2021 coming to an end and the vaccine scheme in full force, many individuals are thinking longer and harder about the return to the office. In a recent LinkedIn survey asking professionals in the UK what makes them want to return to the office, most generations rated collaboration in person as their highest reason, with socialising coming close second (first for Millennials). The significance human interaction has on individuals returning to the office should not go unnoticed. 

Furthermore, after Boris Johnson’s lift of most restrictions, coined “Freedom Day”, fewer than one in five workers returned to the office in London. So, what can employers do to improve this number if we so want to? 

The Return to The Office

It is undeniable that individuals are craving social interaction, in and out of work. So how can we achieve that within the workplace to bring individuals back to the office? 


Rewards and recognition go hand in hand. The recognition component can be as simple as saying thank you for your hard work. Communicating gratitude can make your staff feel more appreciated and give them that much-needed socialisation. Here at Each Person, we make it as easy as one click by sending an Ecard, which you can send to anyone working from home or in the office. 


The right rewards can entice your people back to the workplace. Perhaps organise an office lunch, send employee vouchers, or give extra holiday. But, perks at work are essential to the workplace environment in 2021 and beyond. People no longer want to work for a salary. They want a healthy, encouraging space. Which will allow them to return to the office.

Collaboration for a Return to The Office

With most generations looking for collaboration, it would be a huge mistake to not include this within the day to day practice. Create spaces and time for your people to collaborate on new ideas and ways of working. Allow for individuals to spend time together.

Team Days 

With a massive 71% of Millenials expressing socialising is the key to their return, you should strengthen that. Plan a day out with your team or encourage team-building exercises. In effect, you will attract your people back to the office but also improve employee engagement

Keep Flexible to Return to The Office

Finally, remain flexible. We all know that working from home has been a success for many individuals. Given its workplace inclusivity and flexibility, many simply prefer it. Therefore, keeping that an option by allowing employees to choose their hours back in the office is crucial. 

To sum up, individuals now need a reason to return to the office. It may not simply fall into place. Socialising and collaboration within the workplace will enable your people to look forward to something other than just work. In turn, this will bring about higher levels of employee satisfaction and perhaps even new ways of working. 

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