How to view sent & received ecards on your epoints account

1. Opening an ecard you’ve just received

First of all, if you’re here because you’ve received an email informing you that you’ve been sent an ecard and you wish to view it, the simplest way to do this is to click the “See card & message” link (1) below the ecard image. This will take you directly to the ecard you’re looking for (you may be directed to a login screen first if you are not currently signed in).


2. Log in and navigate to “Ecard Management”

On your personal epoints account, you are able to view your history of sent & received ecards. You can also see the latest ecard activity within your business.

To begin, sign in to (click here if you need help doing this) and click on your name (1) in the top right-hand corner of the page. From the menu that drops down, select “Ecard management” (2).

3. Select whether you wish to view company or personal history

You will be redirected to the ecard creation page but over on the left-hand side, you will find the options “Company activity” (1) which you can select to see the most recently sent ecards within your organisation or “History” (2) which will display all the ecards you have personally sent or received.

4. Company activity overview

Here you will see an overview of company activity within your organisation, including who has sent ecards to whom, when these were sent along with the reason and design. Details such as personal messages and how many epoints (if any) were rewarded are not shown here.

5. Personal history overview

The default view will show you all the ecards that you have received to date. You can select “See ecard” (1) on any card to see the ecard in full, along with the personal message from the sender.

To change the view to show all your sent ecards, just click “Sent” (2) in the drop-down options under “History”.